Mr. Pilipenko and his Submarine

    • Jan Hinrik Drevs, René Harder
    • Germany
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    What would you do with a pile of scrap metal, some old spare parts and 30 years to kill in the Ukrainian steppe? Vladimir Pilipenko built a submarine. Life size. And in the village lake, his submarine worked! But Vladimir has set his sights on something bigger than the local pond. He wants to prove to the world that his sub can really dive in the Black Sea, 400 kilometres away. So off he goes. But not before the submarine has undergone rigorous trials. With trials complete and preparations made, a rickety old grain truck drags the sub and its creator over steppe and mountains to the Crimean coast. Here Vladimir and his submarine face their most daunting challenge yet. He's a quiet family man with his feet firmly on the ground, much like everyone else in the tiny village of Yevgenivka. Except Vladimir has stayed true to a dream. The film explores the power of a lifelong ambition, fulfilled despite geographic obstacles and political upheavals.


    Jan Hinrik Drevs, René Harder
    Jens Fintelmann for nonfictionplanet film & television GmbH
    Involved TV Channel


    World Sales
    Bettina Offermann for United Docs
    Festival Handling
    Hana Hadzikaric for United Docs

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    52' / 90',video,color
    Spoken languages

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