• Christy Garland, Susan Armstrong
    • Canada, India
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    In a world of globalization, we take a look at a common household product and its origins. The word 'doormat' is sometimes used to describe someone who submits to whatever life throws at them. But in this special documentary, filmmakers Christy Garland and Susan Armstrong follow the production path of an ordinary household doormat, into the intimate lives of four people in Kerala, India where 85% of the world's doormats are made by hand. With humor and resilience, a coconut tree climber, fibre spinner, factory owner and worker all struggle with misfortune, betrayal and fate, while making ends meet with this ubiquitous object.


    Christy Garland, Susan Armstrong
    Christy Garland for Great Five Lakes


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    Christy Garland for Great Five Lakes

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