two loves

    • Jacqueline van Vugt
    • Netherlands, The
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    TWO LOVES charts the life and works of Lord Alfred Douglas, the lover of Oscar Wilde. On meeting him in 1891 the immensely popular Wilde instantly fell in love with this intelligent and aristocratic, young poet, nicknamed ‘Bosie’. He and Wilde had a stormy relationship in the Victorian era, an era in which homosexuality was forbidden. By the public at large ‘Bosie’ has always been considered as ‘the evil genius’ and ‘the selfish bon-vivant’; who brought Wilde down. But how accurate is this? TWO LOVES is about a man who searched his whole life for acceptance by his father and sought to gain his love. Even Douglas’ great lover for Wilde became a mere instrument in this true-to life classical drama. So, what moved ‘Bosie’ to sacrifice the love of his life in the fight with his father? Wilde and Queensberry died in 1900. Bosie passed away in 1945, a disillusioned, lonely old man. After their deaths ‘Bosie’ tried time and again to give his life a new direction, a new meaning. He loses all his inheritance on horses, he suddenly converts from Atheism to Catholicism; he marries and turns openly against homosexuality. But nothing he does can turn the tide; he is declared bankrupt, he loses his son and his wife leaves him.


    Jacqueline van Vugt
    Carmen Cobos for Cobos Films


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