The People vs. Agent Orange

    • Kate Taverna, Alan Adelson
    • United States
    • 84 min
    • World Premiere
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    The Agent Orange catastrophe did not end with the Vietnam War. Today, the world over, a primary chemical of the toxic defoliant controls weeds in farming, forestry, parks and playgrounds. It wreaks havoc on the human genome, causing deformed births and deadly cancers.
    In France, Tran To Nga is suing the American chemical industry for poisoning her in Vietnam, while Carol Van Strum crusades to expose the continued use of lethal herbicides in the United States.
    Incriminating documents mysteriously disappear. Activists are threatened. A helicopter technician secretly films the contamination of reservoirs, while a massive industrial cover-up goes on.


    Kate Taverna, Alan Adelson
    Alan Adelson for Films for Humanity, Kate Taverna for Films for Humanity, Véronique Bernard
    Sally Jo Fifer for ITVS/PBS, Fabrice Puchault for ARTE
    Involved TV Channel


    World Sales
    Kathryn Bonnici for Java Films
    Festival Handling
    Olivier Semonnay for Java Films

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    84' and 54'
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