Glass Negatives

    • Jan Borowiec
    • Poland
    • 39 min
    • Dutch Premiere
    docsforsale_01 Docs for sale
    During the renovation of a tenement house in Lublin a team of builders discovered a collection of almost 3000 glass negatives. The discovery becomes the starting point for a fascinating journey in time and space. An attempt to find out who took the pictures leads to surprising findings. The retrieved photos show the world, brittle as a pane of glass, which was soon to disappear, shattered into millions of pieces. Thanks to the photos, witnesses’ memories and the atmospheric music by Kroke, we can put this world back together, even if only for a moment.


    Jan Borowiec
    Wojciech Marczewski for Wajda Studio
    Karolina Mróz, Zuzanna Król for Wajda Studio Limited liability company


    World Sales
    Hedva Goldschmidt for Go2Films
    Festival Handling
    Hedva Goldschmidt for Go2Films

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