Cowboys in Paradise

    • Amit Virmani
    • Singapore
    • 83 min
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    Each year, thousands of women travel to Bali in search of paradise. And many find it in the arms of Kuta Cowboys. Masters at peddling the paradise-romance concoction, these bronzed beach ambassadors have made Bali one of the world's leading destinations for female sex tourists. Cowboys In Paradise gets between the sheets of Bali's male sex trade to reveal its most intimate secrets. Learn what separates the Cowboys from ordinary gigolos. Discover how chance encounters on the beach have major ramifications for an entire economy. And witness how paradise, once a Cowboy's most useful ally, betrays him in the end.


    Amit Virmani
    Luan Seah for Coup Communications, Amit Virmani for Coup Communications


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    Amit Virmani for Coup Communications
    Festival Handling
    Amit Virmani for Coup Communications

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