Attend IDFA Forum

    All professionals with a serious and demonstrable interest in the documentary sector are welcome to register for active attendance at IDFA Forum, whether as an independent producer with a project, a commissioning editor, financier, sales agent, distributor, digital platform or fund. It is also possible for producers to register for attendance as an observer. 

    The IDFA Forum pass provides access to the three-day Forum for co-financing and co-production of international documentaries as well as all festival screenings, Industry screenings and events. Please scroll down for a complete overview of services offered by IDFA Forum.

    The IDFA Forum is held at the Compagnietheater, within walking distance of the other major festival venues in the oldest part of Amsterdam.

    Accreditation for IDFA 2017 is now open; the deadline is October 10.

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    Who can attend IDFA Forum?

    Producers and directors with a selected IDFA Forum project (or a pending entry to the Forum) are eligible for a Forum pass. If the project is selected, a maximum of two participants per project (preferably the director and producer who will pitch the project) may attend the Forum. The fee to pitch the project also covers accreditation for two persons, and is dependent on the pitch category of the selected project.

    Producers without a selected project can attend IDFA Forum as observers. By attending the pitches and listening to the responses of the decision makers, observers get first-hand insight into the documentary market and learn more about the preferences and profiles of individual broadcasters. All observer accreditations will undergo a selection process due to limited seats. The Forum is a producers' Forum, if you are a director you cannot apply for an observer seat.

    Commissioning editors / broadcasters for public and commercial TV stations are very welcome to attend IDFA Forum. You get a choice selection of the documentaries on offer and have the opportunity to network as well. Commissioning editors are requested to be present and/or actively participate in the public pitching sessions as well as to sign up for one-on-one meetings with different pitch teams. These follow-up meetings ensure a peacuful environment for discussion of potential collaborations. Commissioning editors with a project selected for the Forum are invited to pitch their project together with the director and producer and will receive a three-night stay in a hotel. As commissioning editor you will receive the project catalogue a few weeks in advance, as well as a login code to access the same information on our website. 

    Financiers and film professionals are invited to attend the IDFA Forum, whether they are working at a film fund, digital platform, film institute, NGO, in new media communications (please register as "other financier"), or at a film festival, market, MEDIA Desk or other promotional organisation (please register as "other film professional"). Due to limited capacity there is a selection process. 

    Distributors and sales agents are welcome to visit IDFA Forum. The Forum staff might ask them to participate in one-on-one meetings. Due to limited capacity there is a selection process.

    Buyers (acquisitions) for TV stations cannot receive a Forum pass, due to limited capacity. Please visit Docs for Sale.

    ​Please note: Registration does not guarantee accreditation!

    The organisers reserve the right to accept or reject any application. The selection procedure only allows for 350 invitees, due to both the capacity of the venue and to safeguard the intimacy and productivity of the event. Due to high demand, the number of participants is limited to one participant per production company. After the October 10 accreditation deadline, everyone who has registered will receive word as soon as possible on whether their application has been granted. If the Forum pass cannot be granted, the accreditation can be changed to a regular festival pass.


    Information Desk
    During the three Forum days, this reception and information desk is open to assist delegates and provide additional services, including pitch reports, contact with matchmakers, a luggage depot and general festival information.

    Three matchmakers are available to all participants. Their role is to facilitate interaction between participants, and they can be contacted through the IDFA Forum information desk. Profiles of the matchmakers can be found in the Forum catalogue.

    Moderator’s Hat
    A unique chance for one observer to pitch his or her project in the Central Pitch! Those who wish to be eligible should put their business card in the Moderator’s Hat. During the Central Pitch sessions on Monday, one business card is drawn at random and the winner gets the opportunity to prepare and present a pitch the next day. A guide to all observers at the Forum and their projects will be available mid-November.

    Producer’s Breakfast
    All producers with a Forum pass, either pitching or observing, are invited to sign up for this event, which provides an informal setting to meet producers from countries they would like to work with in the future. Our pre-arranged table settings assist in making connections with the producers you would like to meet.

    Drinks and food
    IDFA Forum offers lunch at an outside venue to all IDFA Forum pass holders during the three Forum days. Coffee, tea and cold beverages are free at Compagnietheater, except during lunch hours. 

    Social events
    IDFA Forum organizes a range of social events, including the Forum Kickoff Drinks and the Closing Drinks. Forum pass holders are also welcome at other IDFA social events, including the daily Guests Meet Guests and the Docs for Sale Happy Hour.

    For producers with a selected project

    One-on-One Meetings
    IDFA Forum arranges a series of one-on-one meetings for selected projects with commissioning editors, broadcasters and other financiers. Meetings are arranged both in advance and during the event in order to accommodate broadcasters and funders who indicate interest during or after the pitch. At the One-on-One Desk, pitch teams and decision makers can request meetings or pick up their most recent schedule.

    EDN Pitch Training
    This training given by professionals of the European Documentary Network (EDN) enables producers and directors to practice, refine and perfect their pitch. The Forum staff strongly advises first time pitchers to make use of this service, and all selected filmmakers are welcome. Prior to IDFA Forum, participants can send their written presentations and trailers to EDN and receive detailed feedback. On the Sunday before the Forum, EDN hosts an introductory session explaining the workings of the Forum after which participants will receive an individually tailored pitch training and feedback over the course of the three-day event. Feedback continues into the months after the Forum as participants discuss the progress of their project. Producers with a selected project will receive an invitation and information on how to proceed.

    Pitch report
    During your pitch, a record of the comments from the decision makers is kept, which the pitch teams can pick up at the information desk afterwards.