Attending IDFA Forum 2022

    IDFA Forum takes place from November 12 to November 16, 2022. We are very much looking forward to welcoming pitch teams, industry professionals, and observing producers in Amsterdam. With our new venue Felix Meritis, an updated presentation schedule and a 30-year anniversary, this edition has a lot in store! Here we list practical info that will help you navigate our event. Check back here for the most up-to-date info. Do you have questions that this page doesn’t answer? Feel free to reach us on the email at the bottom of the page.

    New locations in 2022

    This year's edition of the Forum will be a comprehensive live event with services at multiple new venues in the city. Here you can view our industry locations on a map, each about a 10-minute walk from each other.

    New Markets hub: Felix Meritis

    Located in the heart of Amsterdam’s historic Jordaan district, the location will house both IDFA Forum and Docs for Sale, and their various sections and services, under the same roof for the first time. The location will welcome project teams, industry representatives, financiers, and observers to attend the Forum on site, while down the hall, film teams, buyers, festival programmers, sales agents, and distributors will gather in-house at Docs for Sale. Forum and Docs for Sale will have separate services, but meeting rooms and lounge spaces will be available for all guests of the markets throughout the building to network and mingle. Select industry programming of talks and sessions also take place here. Please check the signage by each room to see which passes give you entry.

    New Rough Cut screening venue: Pathé City

    This year's showcase of rough cuts will take place at Pathé City by Leidseplein on Sunday morning. The Rough Cut presentation program is open to Forum and Docs for Sale passholders.

    New Forum lunch venue: Westerkerk

    Moving our industry venues to another part of town also means that the Forum will be hosting its lunch in a new building. A short walk away from Felix Meritis, the lunch will be served for Forum passholders at Westerkerk from Monday, November 13 until Wednesday, November 16 between 13:00-15:00.

    IDFA Forum program

    From intimate presentations to public pitches and cinema screenings of documentaries nearing completion - the Forum program invites industry professionals to engage with documentary projects in varies stages of development and production.

    Producers Connection

    Presentations: Saturday, November 12, 9:15 to 13:00
    One-on-one meetings – Sunday, November 13, 9:00–13:00, Monday, November 14 and Tuesday, November 15, 15:00–18:00

    Location: Felix Meritis, Keizersgracht 324 – Shaffyzaal & Teekenzaal

    Launched in 2021, this market service focuses on facilitating new connections among producers. Twelve projects seeking international producing partners will present their film ideas to a room full of potential co-producers, followed by one-on-one meetings. Producers Connection participants also take part in bespoke networking events:

    Producers Connection Lunch – hosted by FeverFilm & Posta
    Saturday, November 12, 13:00–14:00

    Producers Connection Drinks – hosted by Scenery
    Saturday, November 12, 16:30–18:00

    Location for the Producers Connection social events: Felix Meritis, Teekenzaal

    The Producers Connection is supported by Eurimages and Buma Music in Motion.

    Access to this market element is limited to producers or producer/director teams who are invited to actively participate. However, one-on-one meetings between Producers Connection projects and other Forum industry professionals can be arranged on a case-by-case basis. All Forum passholders can access the full written project info online, and professionals taking meetings can also see the project’s visual material online before the festival.

    Rough Cut Presentations

    Sunday, November 13 - 9:15 to 13:05

    Location: Pathé City, Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 15-19 - Screen 2

    The Rough Cut Presentation program takes place at Pathé City. Six teams will showcase their rough cuts by introducing a twenty-minute excerpt of their films. Following the Rough Cut Presentations on Sunday, the full rough cut files will be available online for Forum and Docs for Sale professionals.

    Open to all Forum passholders as well as Docs for Sale Acquisition passholders.

    IDFA Forum Pitches

    Sunday, November 13, 14:00 to 18:00
    Monday, November 14, 9:30 to 13:00
    Tuesday, November 15, 9:30 to 13:00

    Location: Felix Meritis, Keizersgracht 324 - Concertzaal

    In addition to taking place in our new venue Felix Meritis, the Forum’s program of pitches also starts a day earlier this year, kicking off on Sunday. Spread out over three days, the pitches take around twenty minutes each and consist of a presentation from the project team and a moderated feedback session with a group of hand-picked industry professionals.

    Open to Forum passholders.

    DocLab Forum Pitches

    Monday, November 14, 9:00 to 13:00
    Tuesday, November 15, 9:00 to 13:00

    Location: Felix Meritis, Keizersgracht 324 – Shaffyzaal

    Around 20 selected new media teams will presented during the two-day program running parallel to the Forum pitches in Felix Meritis. The presentation is an opportunity for the teams to launch their project internationally and discover the relevant steps to take it further. Project teams will present for approximately five to seven minutes each, including presentation of any project visuals. The moderator will ask the project teams a few questions about the artistic intentions and goals of the team, and they will receive feedback from a group of industry professionals.

    Open to Forum passholders.

    One-on-one Meetings

    Monday, November 14, 15:00 to 18:00
    Tuesday, November 15, 15:00 to 18:00
    Wednesday, November 16, 09:00 to 13:00

    Location: Felix Meritis, Keizersgracht 324 – multiple rooms

    Pre-arranged one-on-one meetings for all projects selected for the Forum Pitches, DocLab Forum Pitches, and Rough Cut Presentations take place in person in Amsterdam. There will be a one-on-one desk available at Felix Meritis Monday-Wednesday for participants to check in on their meetings and to book additional ones. Participants taking part in the meetings can login to their MyIDFA account and view their schedule by navigating to MyIDFA > Professionals > Appointments.

    Accessibility of IDFA Forum venues

    IDFA Industry is working to remove access barriers in our programming and services, with the goal of making IDFA Forum accessible to all participants. If you are a Forum guest with accessibility needs, you can contact Merel Tames at or +31 020 2620730.

    Felix Meritis - Keizersgracht 324

    • Wheelchair accessible; all rooms are accessible by elevator, except the Koepelzaal, Sterrenzaal, and Shaffy Foyer. The wheelchair access to the building is at the back of the building (Prinsengracht 473). Please inform staff before arrival to ensure a ramp is made available.
    • There are two elevators in Felix Meritis: one in the hallway of the ground floor, and one in the stairwell.
    • To get to Floors 2, 4, 6, 8: use the stairwell elevator.
      • For access to: the hallway to Concertzaal, Restaurant, Zuilenzaal, Teekenzaal, Husly lounge
      • Door size: width 88cm x height 209cm
      • Elevator size: length 150cm x width135cm x height 209cm
      • Max. 1000 kg 13 pers.
    • To get to Floors 1, 3, 5, 7: use the elevator in the hallway of the ground floor.
      • For access to: Restaurant, Concertzaal balcony, Shaffy zaal
      • Door size: width 84cm x height 210cm
      • Elevator size: length 140cm x width 105cm x height 203cm
      • Max. 630 kg 8 pers
    • Wheelchair spaces are available in all rooms that can be reached by elevator.
    • A toilet for wheelchair users is downstairs behind the reception.
    • Assistance dogs are welcome.
    • There is no telecoil available.
    • There are no disabled parking spaces in the neighborhood.
    • All rooms are accessible by elevator, except the Koepelzaal, Sterrenzaal and Shaffy Foyer.
    • The main elevator is to the left of the main stairs. There is also a second elevator on the left of the Concertzaal, in the hallway.
    • There is a wheelchair-accessible toilet in the building, access via the reception.
    • Meeting rooms are well-lit.
    • Assistance dogs are welcome.
    • There is no hearing induction loop.
    • There are no disabled parking places in the vicinity of the building.

    Pathé City - Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 15-19

    • Accessible for wheelchair users.
    • There is an elevator that goes to all floors. To go to screen 1/2/3, you additionally need to use the staff lift. Please indicate to a Pathé employee that you would want to access one of the screens and they will accompany you.
    • There is one wheelchair spot in every room. The spot is always on the back row. In screen 2 and 3 on the side (when entering), in room 4 in the middle (also when entering).
    • There is an accessible toilet on the ground floor, 2nd and 3rd floor.
    • Pathé can provide Subcatch & Earcatch for Dutch film titles, but unfortunately this is not available during the Forum Rough Cut Presentation Program on Sunday, November 13.
    • Assistance dogs are welcome.
    • There are two disabled parking spots available on Zieseniskade, 150-200m from the cinema.

    Westerkerk - Prinsengracht 281

    Information about accessibility forthcoming.

    Social events

    To compliment our pitches and presentations, Forum brings together its participants over food and drink. Here you can read about what Forum-specific social events are on offer.

    Producers Breakfast

    Sunday, November 13, 8:00-9:00
    Monday, November 14, 8:00-9:00
    Tuesday, November 15, 8:00-9:00
    Wednesday, November 16, 8:00-09:00

    Location: Felix Meritis, Keizersgracht 324 – Zuilen Lounge

    Designed to connect international producers with each other over coffee, the Producers Breakfast event invites accredited producers at the Forum to kick-start the day together. Producers can indicate countries they’d be curious to get to know better, and we plan table seating accordingly.

    The Producers Breakfast is hosted by RAPA and KCA.

    The Forum team will reach out to accredited producers at the end of October with more info on how to sign up.

    IDFA Markets Drinks

    Sunday, November 13, 21:00–22:30

    Location: VondelCS

    IDFA’s Industry team invites Forum and Docs for Sale passholders to come celebrate this year’s Markets and the 30th edition of IDFA Forum. Join us for a drink in the heart of Vondelpark to connect with fellow industry guests.

    The IDFA Market Drinks are hosted by Screen Scotland.

    Open to Forum & Docs for Sale passholders.

    Forum Lunch

    Monday, November 14, 13:00-15:00
    Tuesday, November 15, 13:00-15:00
    Wednesday, November 16, 13:00-15:00

    Location: Westerkerk, Prinsengracht 279

    After the pitches on Monday and Tuesday, and during the meeting day Wednesday, Forum guests are invited to have lunch at Westerkerk – the new Forum lunch venue. It’s a short 10-minute walk along the Prinsengracht. See the walk here on map.

    Monday lunch is hosted by Chicken & Egg Pictures.
    Tuesday lunch is hosted by Al Jazeera Documentary Channel.
    Wednesday lunch is hosted by Chiledoc.

    Open to all Forum passholders.

    IDFA Forum Awards

    Tuesday, November 15, 17:30-18:00

    Location: Felix Meritis – Zuilen Lounge, Keizersgracht 324

    Join us at for the the announcement of this year’s Forum award-winners. The jury will announce winners in three different categories:

    IDFA Forum Award for Best Pitch Project
    IDFA Forum Award for Best Rough Cut Project - supported by InVision Subtitling
    IDFA DocLab Forum Award for Best Project

    Open to all Forum and Docs for Sale passholders.

    Docs for Sale Happy Hour

    Friday, November 11 to Wednesday, November 16, 17:00-18:00

    Docs for Sale, Forum’s sister event and one of the world’s premier markets and distribution incubators for documentary cinema, hosts daily cocktail hours in Husleyzaal in Felix Meritis. For this networking event, Forum participants are welcome to join to mingle with filmmakers as well as sales, distribution and exhibition professionals taking part in Docs for Sale.

    Open to all Docs for Sale & Forum passholders.

    Services at the Forum

    Here you can read more about what tools and services are available to you to navigate our festival offering and make the most of your time at Forum and the festival.

    Industry Desk

    Saturday, November 12–Wednesday, November 16, 9:00–20:00
    Location: Felix Meritis, Keizersgracht 324 – Reception on ground floor

    The industry desk in the reception of Felix Meritis operates as a reception, available to support all IDFA Forum guests with questions about the venue, the schedule, and how to navigate the wider festival offering. You can also ask questions here about the industry program at other venues.

    One-on-one Desk

    Sunday, November 13–Tuesday, November 15, 9:00–18:00
    Wednesday, November 16, 9:00–13:00
    Location: Felix Meritis, Keizersgracht 324 – Teekenzaal

    The meetings during the Forum are pre-arranged. However, during the Forum, industry professionals can come to the one-on-one desk to request additional meetings or make changes to their schedules.

    Zuilen Lounge

    The Zuilen lounge in Felix Meritis welcomes markets guests throughout the event and is your go-to place for setting up your own meetings, grabbing a cup of coffee or catching up with other market guests. You will also find the Forum one-on-one desk in Zuilen Lounge.


    Saturday, November 12- Wednesday, November 16 - times vary
    Location: International Theatre Amsterdam – ITA, Leidseplein 26

    Forum attendees can register for consultancies with a range of experts who offer specific advice on all aspects of the documentary business, such as distribution and sales, marketing and outreach, working with narratives for younger audiences etc. The Industry Office arranges the consultancies, which include both group and one-on-one sessions. These consultancies will be held at the Festival Centre at International Theatre Amsterdam, a 10-minute walk from our Markets venue Felix Meritis. All Forum Observers (producers) will be invited to sign up for the consultancies in advance. Read more about consultancies here.

    Pitch Reports 

    IDFA Forum offers selected projects written notes of the feedback received during the pitches. The day after the pitch, the selected projects can pick up the reports at the Information Desk, and our team will also email it to the contact person for each project.

    Guest List 

    All festival delegates are listed in our Guest List. There, you can filter on professionals attending, for instance by people’s profession or accreditation type. The guest list will be published on our website shortly.

    Enjoy the festival offering

    With a Forum accreditation, you also have access to all services that come with a Festival Pass. You can read more about them here.

    Do you have other questions?

    Then please reach out to us at - we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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