do {not} PLAY: Social experiments online

    Experimental online social exhibition, including various social events.

    On Friday November 20, IDFA DocLab and IDFA on Stage opened the digital doors to do {not} touch, an experimental social exhibition open throughout the festival. You can still go there to explore part of the do {not} touch selection, watch interactive and immersive documentaries on demand, and meet other exhibition-goers. The Distant Disco session and Kent Bye live recording podcast sessions have now ended. Please make sure to use Google Chrome and a desktop computer/laptop.

    Visit: do {not} play

    23:00 CET Happy Hour and VR parties

    On Thursday night 26 November the DocLab & Diversion Cinema VR party took place in the IDFA DocLab & Diversion Cinema VR Pavilion in VRChat. You can still visit the IDFA DocLab & Diversion Cinema VR Pavilion in VRChat, see the instructions below.

    Instructions to pavilion in VRChat

    The closing VR party on Saturday night 28 November was organized by Cie Gilles Jobin and happened in front of the virtual theater of La Comédie, where Tarot Reading by VR artist Oscar Raby - VRTOV also took place.

    Live podcast recordings with Kent Bye

    Live recording sessions of our favourite immersive podcast host Kent Bye in conversation with pioneering artists from IDFA DocLab and IDFA on Stage. The following recording sessions took place everyday day at 23:00 CET in the Live Studio of do {not} play:

    Saturday 21 Nov
    The art and the ethics of data with Kyle McDonald (Facework) and Demetria Glace (The Leaked Recipes Cookbook) 23:00 CET

    Sunday 22 Nov
    Living in Digital Reality with Lydia Jessup and Matt Romein (Virtualis) and Ali Eslami (Eclipse) 23:00 CET

    Monday 23 Nov
    New Faces in VR with João Inada (Under the Skin) en Susanne Kim (Cabinets of Wonder) 23:00 CET

    Tuesday 24 Nov
    Immersion in Full Dome with Tamara Shogaolu (Echoes of Silence) who works across different formats and has a full dome piece in the program. 23:00 CET

    Wednesday 25 Nov
    Immersive Art in All the Wrong places with Lance Weiler (Where there's Smoke). 23:00 CET

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