Who can attend Docs for Sale?

    As a central component of IDFA, the Docs for Sale market is an unmissable event for buyers, distributors, and festival programmers looking for the best creative documentaries for their festival program or TV, cinema, or platform slot. The market is also the flagship meeting place for sales agents looking to showcase their roster and scout new films, and for filmmakers looking to maximize their launch with sales and distribution opportunities. Below, you can read more about Docs for Sale’s specialized offerings for different groups of documentary professionals.

    2022 promises to be a watershed year for the market, as Docs for Sale and IDFA Forum move into a new central location for the first time together: Felix Meritis. In this new setup, Docs for Sale and IDFA Forum passholders share space in the same building, including in a new business lounge where they can organize meetings across markets during the day. Docs for Sale Participant and Acquisition passholders continue to enjoy a dedicated space in the Docs for Sale-only lounge and Acquisition passholder-only viewing booths. Located a short walk from the festival center, Felix Meritis brings the markets closer together, encouraging the entire industry to network from development to distribution, while continuing to highlight the importance of each stage of a film’s life.

    The complete 2022 Docs for Sale catalogue will be announced on October 31. In the lead-up to the festival, you can also see our index of participating sales companies.

    Who is Docs for Sale for?

    • Filmmakers and sales agents with one or more films selected for IDFA 2022 can showcase their film(s)in the Docs for Sale catalogue and take advantage of the expertise, networking, and knowledge offered by the market to maximize the launch of their film at IDFA and create a successful momentum for distribution.
    • Filmmakers and sales agents with a high-quality film selected for the 2022 Docs for Sale catalogue can access all the resources offered by the market to network their film or slate of films among hundreds of buyers, distributors, and festival programmers looking for high quality content alongside IDFA-selected films.
    • Buyers, festival programmers, distributors, and sales agents looking for innovative and creative films and content have access to the entire curated Docs for Sale catalogue, including both IDFA-selected films and other outstanding titles on today’s market, as well as a five-day program to network and do business with its creators and distributors. If you are a buyer hoping to attend Docs for Sale for the first time as an Acquisitions passholder, please contact the Docs for Sale team.


    We want your experience at Docs for Sale, whether it be your first time or your tenth, to be successful and enjoyable. Below is an overview of the services we offer during the market. If you cannot attend the festival in person due to travel restrictions, we will also offer selected services online this year.

    First time at Docs for Sale?

    If this is the first time you are attending the market, feel free to join our online introduction meeting in October (dates to be announced). Only Docs for Sale passholders are eligible to attend. To sign up, please email docsforsale@idfa.nl.

    Be sure to check out our guide for first-timers at Docs for Sale as well, which includes helpful tips to do before, during, and after the festival, and some seasoned advice from Docs for Sale regulars.

    One-on-one Meetings

    Docs for Sale participants can register in advance for twenty-minute meetings with documentary experts who offer advice on a range of general and specific business questions. Sales agents, festival programmers, and TV buyers are just some of the professionals available for these meetings, which take place from Saturday, November 12 to Tuesday, November 15 (times to be announced).

    Docs for Sale Happy Hour at Felix Meritis

    Happy hours are back in the dedicated lounge of Docs for Sale’s new venue, Felix Meritis. Scheduled from Friday, November 11 to Wednesday, November 16 (from 17:00 to 18:00), the Docs for Sale Happy Hour is followed by Guest Meets Guests downstairs starting at 18:00.


    If you are new to Docs for Sale and need some help finding your way around, feel free to get in touch with our team members. They’re available at the Docs for Sale Lounge during the market.

    Viewing Booth Reservations

    Viewing booths can be booked for a maximum of three consecutive hours. We advise you to make your reservation one day in advance at the information desk. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your viewing, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation. Please note that only Docs for Sale Acquisition passholders have access to the booths.

    Rough Cut Presentations

    All Docs for Sale Acquisition passholders have access to the Rough Cut Presentations on Sunday, November 13, from 9:00 to 13:00 CET in Pathé City (located at Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 15-19). More information about the 2022 Rough Cut Presentations will be made available later in the year.

    Press & Industry Screenings

    Accredited guests have free access to exclusive Press & Industry Screenings with films selected for IDFA's competition programs. Press & Industry Screenings are accessible to all passholders except the Docs for Sale Participant pass.

    Industry Program

    The Industry Program offers an extensive array of services, sessions, talks, and meetups to inspire our professional festival guests and to keep them up to date on the latest developments in the documentary industry. This year, the Industry Program will be presented across two venues, ITA (Internationaal Theatrer Amsterdam) and Felix Meritis.

    Social events

    Every day, IDFA invites its guests for plenty of networking opportunities, including Happy Hours and the Guest Meet Guests cocktail. More information about our social events will be made closer to the festival.

    IDFA Guest List

    All Docs for Sale passholders have access to the IDFA Guest List. Here you can find the contact information of some 3,000 filmmakers and film professionals who are attending the festival.

    Accessibility at Docs for Sale

    • The main Docs for Sale hub inside Felix Meritis can be reached by an elevator.
    • Unfortunately, the room with screening booths is not wheelchair-accessible. Additional screening booths are available in the main Docs for Sale hub.
    • The Docs for Sale meeting room is accessible by elevator.
    • If you have reduced mobility, the Docs for Sale team is happy to arrange meetings for you in another festival location that is more accessible. Please email docsforsale@idfa.nl for any questions regarding accessibility.
    • The Docs for Sale Catalogue is available entirely online; all selected films can be watched remotely.
    • More information about the accessibility of the markets and the festival will be available in the lead-up to the event.

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