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    To submit your film to Docs for Sale, please fill out the entry form in MyIDFA. Please read our regulations carefully before continuing to the entry form.

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    Docs for Sale is a partner in IDFA Forum's Rough Cut Screenings. Submissions for these projects are handled through the IDFA Forum entry form. More information can be found in the Forum regulations.

    Regulations & Fees

    If your film is selected for Docs for Sale 2020, it will be included in the online catalogue, where it will be available to potential buyers in a secure, password-protected environment for one year.

    The applicant will guarantee to have secured clearance from the copyright holders of any copyrighted materials included within the submitted film and any photographs submitted relating to the film for all purposes for which the material will be used, including screening, promotion during the IDFA festival, press publications and inclusion in the online IDFA Collection, among other purposes. The applicant will guarantee to hold IDFA harmless from any claims from copyright holders in relation to use of the submitted film by IDFA for the agreed purposes. IDFA reserves the right to disqualify any film with unauthorized inclusion of copyrighted materials.

    1. Eligibility

    All entries are submitted to a selection procedure.

    • Only creative documentaries completed after September 1, 2019 are eligible for Docs for Sale 2020 online.
    • Only English versions will be included in Docs for Sale: either English voice-over and/or English dialogue, or in the original version with English subtitles.
    • Genres such as nature documentaries, travelogues, corporate and informational films are not eligible for selection.

    All documentaries selected for the IDFA festival (finished after September 1, 2019) are invited to be included in Docs for Sale. Please note that you do need to fill out a separate Docs for Sale entry form in this case.

    2. Fees

    We are pleased to offer discounted rates for Docs for Sale 2020.

    Fees will only be charged for documentaries selected for Docs for Sale.

    • Film in Docs for Sale: €100 (excl. 21% VAT)
    • IDFA-selected film in Docs for Sale: free of charge
    • Films presented at IDFA Forum: Free of charge
    • Films supported by the IDFA Bertha Fund: Free of charge
    • Films that participated in IDFAcademy Summer School: Free of charge

    3. Submitting multiple versions

    New this year: you can submit multiple versions of your documentary for an additional fee. This could include, for instance, a TV version of your feature-length film or an additional episode of your series.

    • If selected for Docs for Sale, €25 (excl. 21% VAT) will be added to your invoice per additional version
    • A maximum of two additional versions can be accepted

    4. Application

    In order to submit a documentary to Docs for Sale we need a complete entry, which consists of the following:

    • A completely filled out and submitted entry form.
    • A downloadable link of your film (preferably a password-protected Vimeo link), provided in the entry form.
    • Film stills (landscape orientation, JPG/JPEG, high resolution, at least 300 DPI or 3 MB)

    5. Payment

    As soon as your film has been selected for Docs for Sale you will receive an invoice with instructions on how to pay by credit card through a secure internet site. We cannot guarantee your participation until we have received your payment.

    Technical specifications for video

    • Docs for Sale uses Vimeo as its video platform. Please follow Vimeo's compression guidelines for all video files.
    • For films which are not spoken in English, please encode your video using hardcoded English subtitles.

    Docs for Sale and Vimeo

    IDFA uses Vimeo as the provider of HD-quality streaming video on our website. All video materials are uploaded to a private Vimeo Enterprise account managed by IDFA. Vimeo is a global platform and is used as an industry standard for filmmakers to share and present their work online. Over the past years more than 95% of all submissions to IDFA have allowed full access to content residing on Vimeo already.

    This is how we use Vimeo:

    • We upload files to our 'private' Enterprise account within a password-protected album that only IDFA has access to.
    • All files are set so they cannot be searched and found on Vimeo's public platform.
    • There are further settings in place that only allow the video to be viewed on, which ensures that all video is domain-restricted to IDFA only.
    • Our database checks the MyIDFA account that is logged in on the IDFA site and the video will only appear on the website if this MyIDFA account has rights to view the content.
    • Content cannot be commented on, shared or downloaded.

    If you have any further questions, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or send us an email at