Facts & Figures for Partners

    Partners can be visible through the following festivals publications and media:

    • Mupi festival poster (circulation: 500)
    • A0/A2 festival poster (circulation: 2,500)
    • festival catalogue (circulation: 3,000)
    • screen slides during the "Opening event"
    • screen slides during the "Closing event"
    • festival daily (appears every other day during the festival; circulation: 37,500)
    • festival appendix in magazine VPRO Gids through media partner VPRO
    • program magazine (circulation: 300,000; distributed through media partner Volkskrant)
    • IDFA commercial in cinemas (distributed by Jean Mineur Mediavision)
    • IDFA cinema leader screened during the festival
    • festival badges
    • festival tickets
    • sponsor board, displayed at various festival locations
    • IDFA website (830,000 unique visitors and 6,6 million unique views in 2016)
    • location markering (inside or outside) at all festival locations
    • free publicity: press conference, press releases, festival screenings on Dutch TV