FAQ: IDFA DocLab Open Call for R&D Proposals 2021

    Questions about DocLab's Open Call for R&D Proposals? Check out our FAQs below.

    1. I have a great idea for a project, but I have not started with the execution yet. Can I submit a proposal?
    Yes, providing that the project is feasible, a prototype can be delivered by mid-August and the project can be premiered at IDFA by November 2021, we are interested in hearing from you.

    2. My project is not finished yet. Can I submit my project?
    Yes. We welcome interactive and immersive projects that are currently in development or in the early stages of production. If your project is already in production, please include in your proposal details about funding from other partners or otherwise allocated funds.

    3. Can I submit a finished project?
    No, if your project is completed, or has been presented to audiences at another festival, please submit your project through our regular festival Call for Submissions for IDFA DocLab 2021 (going online late March 2021).

    4. Who can submit a proposal?
    The call is open to international and Dutch artists and collectives from all disciplines who have an amazing idea for a new interactive/immersive non-fiction project. The proposed idea may be technologically innovative, such as a collective virtual reality experience, a sensory installation using the audience’s biometric data, or a live performance combined with machine learning. But it may also be an innovation of existing interactive technologies, such as smartphones, internet browsers, game consoles, or head-mounted displays. Whatever the format, the proposal must result in a non-fiction artwork that can be experienced by our festival audience in November 2021.

    5. How can I submit a proposal to the IDFA DocLab Open Call for R&D Proposals?
    Fill out the online entry form and upload your proposal as a PDF file, written in English, with a maximum of five pages. Please ensure to follow the structure outlined in the IDFA DocLab Open Call for R&D Proposals. You can include supporting documentation via a (password protected) viewing link (optional).

    Submission deadline: 26 March 2021.

    6. If my proposal is selected, what kind of support will I receive?
    For the realization, production, or development of the proposed project, we can offer a commissioning budget between €2,500 and €10,000. The total amount will depend on what is needed to realize the idea, how much funding is already in place, and the total number of selected proposals. We aim to financially support a total of four to eight projects in 2021. This year, we can also provide a limited number of projects additional support through matchmaking and consultation with partners and experts within our network, as well as artists, technologists and studios working in the interactive and immersive field.

    7. How should I outline what (financial) support I need?
    Please outline what financial support you need in your written proposal, as well as in the online entry form. In the form, we ask for financial details: the total budget, financing already in place, and the budget requested from IDFA. In your written proposal, please motivate the support requested, specify the overall budget, and mention other sources you’ve applied for that might not be awarded yet. Please also indicate relevant practical challenges you foresee in realizing the project by November 2021. This year, you can also specify what expertise the project team is missing to successfully realize (parts) of the project. We can provide a (limited) number of selected projects additional support through matchmaking and consultation with partners and experts within our network, as well as artists, technologists and studios working in the interactive and immersive field. You can provide this information in the entry form.

    8. I have submitted a proposal. What happens now?
    The submission deadline is Friday, March 26, 2021. You will receive an email confirming that we have received your proposal by Wednesday, March 31. All proposals will be evaluated by both an internal as well as an external selection committee. In some cases, you may be asked to provide further details on your proposal which would be around Friday, 3 May. If you have indicated that you have a prototype available, that is the moment we will request it. We will notify all projects of the selection committee’s decision by late May 2021.

    9. What happens when my proposal is selected?
    By late May we will notify all grantees about selection, and send a formal agreement with further details about the amount of the grant, timeline, deliverables, and the DocLab R&D program. After confirmation, IDFA will transfer the funds for (further) development of the project.

    By July 1 you should submit further details about the project using the regular festival entry form. A prototype of the project needs to be delivered by mid-August, in time for its intended public premiere in November 2021 at the IDFA festival.

    During IDFA, the project will also be presented in the context of our living lab, where knowledge is produced through audience research and case studies by MIT and exchanged between artists, organizations, and audiences. Please note: Grantees will retain the IP over their own created work and content, and IP-sensitive information will not be shared.

    10. I made a mistake in my entry form/proposal. Can I change it?
    Once you have submitted an entry form, you can no longer edit it yourself. If you made a mistake in the entry form, please send an email to doclab@idfa.nl and we will make your changes in our database. If you made a mistake in your proposal, please email us the corrected PDF file as soon as possible.

    The IDFA DocLab Immersive Network R&D Program is made possible by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands, CLICKNL, the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science, The Netherlands Film Fund, Diversion, and Flanders Audiovisual Fund.

    DocLab research collaborations: MIT Open Doc Lab and The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

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