Festival attendance

    Meet IDFA staff at film festivals and industry events around the world

    Our hearts go out to all our colleagues at festivals and events that have been cancelled or postponed. To stay connected, the IDFA team is eagerly participating in various online alternatives. In the coming weeks, you can find us at the following online events:

    Go East Film Festival online panel: Blurred Lines - the ethical approach to working with non-professional actors and protagonists
    Sarah Dawson (Programmer). May 9.

    Oberhausen International Short Film Festival
    Jasper Hokken (Programmer). May 13-15

    Panama Film Match
    Raul Niño Zambrano (Senior Programmer). May 18-21.

    SDI Coffee Morning: Orwa Nyrabia on IDFA and film festivals in lockdown
    Orwa Nyrabia (Artistic Director). May 19.

    CoPro Israel
    Yorinde Segal (IDFA Industry & Forum Manager). May 25-28.

    Edinburgh Pitch
    Jenni Tuovinen (Senior Producer, IDFA Forum & IDFA Industry). June 16-17.
    Joost Daamen (Senior Programmer). June 16-17.

    DocsBarcelona online industry activities
    Laura van Halsema (Senior Programmer) / Raul Nino Zambrano (Senior Programmer). May 26–28.

    Sheffield Doc/Fest MeetMarket
    Adriek van Nieuwenhuyzen (Head of Industry). June 8-10.

    Sheffield Doc/Fest Alternate Realities Talent Market
    Caspar Sonnen (Head of New Media). June 10-11.
    Yorinde Segal (IDFA Industry & Forum Manager). June 10-11.

    Close-Up online pitching
    Adriek van Nieuwenhuyzen (Head of Industry) / Isabel Arrate Fernandez (IDFA Bertha Fund Managing Director. June 14-16.

    Joost Daamen (Senior Programmer). June 22.

    Cannes XR Virtual
    Yorinde Segal (IDFA Industry & Forum Manager). June 24-26.