Festival attendance

    Meet IDFA staff at film festivals and industry events around the world

    Want to meet our staff? Check this page for an up-to-date listing of the international festivals and industry events where IDFA representatives will be in attendance.


    Held July 31 - August 9, Montevideo, Uruguay

    • María Campaña Ramia (Associate Programmer). August 6-9.

    Sarajevo Film Festival
    Held August 16-23, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    • Laurien ten Houten (IDFA Industry). August 17-21.
    • Orwa Nyrabia (Artistic Director). August 19-23.

    Held September 15-20, New York, USA

    • Adriek van Nieuwenhuyzen (Head of IDFA Industry). Dates TBA.

    CCDF/CNEX Chinese Documentary Forum
    Held September 18-24, Taipei, Taiwan

    • Yorinde Segal (IDFA Industry Forum Manager). September 20-24.

    DMZ International Documentary Film Festival
    Held September 20-27, Goyang City and Paju City, South Korea

    • Joost Daamen (Senior Programmer). Dates TBA.
    • Mélanie de Vocht (Project Manager, IDFA Bertha Fund). Dates TBA.