Getting to Amsterdam

    Travelling to the Netherlands

    The closest airport to Amsterdam is Schiphol Airport (airport code AMS), which is an international hub with many destinations available. Other airport options are Eindhoven Airport (EIN) or Rotterdam/The Hague Airport (RTM), both about 1.5 hours from Amsterdam by public transport.

    For visitors from Belgium, France, Germany, and London, we suggest looking into (high-speed) train options as this can be easier, cheaper, quicker, and more environmentally friendly. Select Amsterdam Central Station as your destination.

    Public transport in the Netherlands

    In general, public transport is very reliable in the Netherlands. For almost all services you will have to buy a ticket in advance. Tickets can be bought at most supermarkets and tobacco shops, and a lot of transport stops have a ticket machine as well. Train tickets can be bought at the ticket machines or registers, which are available at all stations. Even if tickets are sold on board (never on trains), you must pay with card. For tickets, the nationwide system of OV-chip cards — the public transport smart card — is used. With your ticket, you will always have to check in and check out at the entrances/exits of train stations, busses, trams, metro, etc.

    To plan your journey, there is a handy app called 9292 (iOS and Android). It allows you to plan journeys to and from any destination in the Netherlands, combining information from all public transport providers. English is available via the app settings.

    Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam

    At the airport, free and open WiFi is available so you can check up-to-date info on the next step of your journey or book a cab.


    Amsterdam Central Station is the nearest train station to the IDFA Industry Office. A direct train from Schiphol takes about 15 minutes, and there are 8 trains per hour. Tickets are sold at the yellow vending machine in the main hall of the station and cost €4.95 (one-way, second class).

    Depending on where in Amsterdam you need to go first, we suggest checking the app/website 9292 to plan the most efficient journey.

    Taxi Electric

    This Amsterdam cab service has fully electric vehicles. A ride to Amsterdam city center costs around €50.

    To book a ride from the airport visit or contact +31 88 100 4444.

    Other taxi services to Amsterdam include TCA via or +31 20 7777777, or UBER. Never take a ride offered to you by cab drivers at the gate or in the building. Reserve a ride via the above suggested services or go to the official cab stand.

    From Amsterdam Central Station to the IDFA Industry Office

    The Industry Office, including the Guest Desk, is located in De Brakke Grond (Nes 45). It’s about a 10-minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station. The closest public transport stop (metro and tram) is Rokin. Check 9292 (app/website) for the quickest and most up-to-date options.