IDFAcademy & NPO Fund Workshop

    During the annual IDFAcademy & NPO Fund Workshop, six young Dutch-speaking talents develop a documentary plan in text and moving images under professional guidance.
    Please note that the registrations for the IDFAcademy & NPO-fund Workshop 2020 have closed.


    Selected participants are coached in the research and development of the narrative structure, as well as the writing of a film plan. Within the program, the emphasis is on the development of authorship and building dramatic tension. By contributing to the participants' development, the workshop stimulates them to investigate new forms of storytelling within the documentary genre and to pay attention to the intended target group(s) of their film plan.

    The final film plans may lead to an outcome within one of the NPO Fund's documentary schemes.

    During the workshop meetings, the plans will be examined together under the guidance of the workshop leaders, and for inspiration several guest classes will be organized with professionals from different disciplines. Each participant is linked to a producer at the beginning of the program. Besides the written plan, making a teaser is part of the workshop, and for this purpose a budget is made available per participant. These film plans, including teasers, will be presented to a jury after the workshop, from which the winner of the Karen de Bok Talent Prize 2020 will be chosen, consisting of an incentive prize of up to €25,000 for the further development of the plan.

    During IDFA, the participants will present their film plan to the final editors of the documentary of the Dutch Public Broadcasting and to other relations in the documentary sector. During this event, the winner of the Karen de Bok Talent Award will also be announced and the prize will be awarded.

    Participant profile

    The IDFAcademy & NPO Fund Workshop is intended for emerging documentary filmmakers who have at least one (short) documentary to their name that shows talent and ambition, and that has been screened on television or another leading platform (festival, cinema, digital platform, etc.). Mid-career makers who are clearly motivated to explore a new form can also apply. Participants cannot be permanent employees of a Dutch broadcaster.

    When applying, a synopsis and motivation are requested. In the synopsis, it is important that the film concept expresses urgency and originality and that the development challenge is clearly formulated. At the same time, demonstrable steps must have been taken in the research. In terms of motivation, participants are expected to be able to clearly explain why they want to participate in the workshop and what learning objectives they set themselves.

    The working language of the workshop is Dutch. Filmmakers must have a command of the Dutch language in both speaking and writing. All participants must be well prepared and present at all meetings.

    Dates & application deadlines

    • Applications for this year's workshop are now closed.
    • A selection committee will select twelve candidates from all applications; they will be invited for an interview in mid-May.
    • Based on these interviews, six participants will be selected for the workshop. A first meeting will take place at the beginning of July.
    • From July to the end of August, the participants will work on their film plan in their own time and the final link to a producer should take place.
    • From the end of August, meetings are planned almost every week.
    • Participants are expected to be able to work on the film plan 2 to 3 days a week.
    • The final presentation and presentation of the Karen de Bok Talent Prize 2020 will take place during IDFA on Thursday, November 19.

    For more information, please send an email to

    The IDFAcademy & NPO Fund Workshop is part of IDFA's talent development program supported by Creative Europe Media, Dioraphte, VEVAM, Videoland, and NPO Fund.