There's no IDFA without your support

    There's no IDFA without your support

    As the festival is only financed to a relatively small extent by subsidies, the contributions that IDFA receives from companies and private individuals are of tremendous importance. These contributions are used, for example, to set up school programs that teach children and adolescents to look with a critical eye, to think about important social issues, and to talk about these issues.

    With the IDFA Bertha Fund, IDFA ensures that filmmakers from non-Western countries are given substantial opportunity and support to translate their vision into film, sharing stories from countries where free artistic expression isn't a given a real chance. The IDFA Bertha Fund often provides the first funding these filmmakers receive and makes a crucial contribution to the start of the development of the film project. Additionally, these filmmakers are typically supported with extensive talent development programs. In this way, IDFA contributes to the production of these personal stories, which form an important addition to our dominant Western visual culture and broaden our view of the world.

    Special Friends of IDFA

    Do you have a soft spot for IDFA? Then become a Special Friend for an annual contribution of €1,000. Your contribution is tax deductible because IDFA is a recognized charity (ANBI status), so you'll only pay about half the net amount for your donation. In appreciation of your support, IDFA welcomes you to a special dinner at the end of October and an invitation to the exclusive festival opening in Royal Carré Theater in Amsterdam, including access to a private reception afterwards.

    Become a Special Friend

    Please note the application form is currently only available in Dutch. Should you require more information or assistance, get in touch with Marloes Janssen (Private Donations Manager) at or +31 (0)6 295 289 41. The form can also be sent to you via DocuSign, a secure e-signature software.

    Giving is advantageous

    Because of the Giving Act (Geefwet), a donation to IDFA is 125% tax deductible. For a periodic donation that is established for five years, there is also no donation threshold for the deductible amount. If you're in the highest tax bracket, for an annual gift of €1,000, the annual benefit is about €540, while the net gift is about €460. In the second highest bracket, this amounts to a net gift of €540.

    Calculate your tax break here

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