Jury for the Beeld en Geluid IDFA ReFrame Award for Best Creative Use of Archive at IDFA 2021

    ​Pascal Capitolin

    Pascal Capitolin is a production sound mixer and sound designer based in Berlin. He works on feature-length documentary and feature films. In October 2021 he was awarded the German Film Award (Lola) for best Sound Design with the film A Symphony of Noise. From 1995 he has been collaborating with numerous international directors, such as Angelina Maccarone (Charlotte Rampling: The Look, 2011), Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman (Paragraph 175, 2000), Enrique Sanchez Lansch (Rhythm Is It!, 2004), Phillip Scheffner (Havarie, 2016); or Diana El Jeroudi (Republic of Silence, 2021).

    Capitolin is Head of the Editing and Sound Department and Senior Lecturer at the German Television and Film Academy in Berlin (DFFB). He currently works as First AD on Philip Scheffner's debut feature Europe.

    ​Maciej J. Drygas

    Maciej J. Drygas is a film and radio director, screenwriter, producer, professor and lecturer at the Film School in Lodz. His films have won numerous prestigious awards, including the European Film Academy Award for Best Documentary Hear My Cry (1991), the Prix Italia for his radio documentary Last Will (1992), the Grand Prix at Monte Carlo International Television Festival for State of Weightlessness (1995), and the prize for Best Feature-Length Documentary  at the Cinema Verité Festival in Teheran for Abu Haraz (2013).

    Drygas is also the author of the libretto for the opera Qudsja Zaher, which was nominated for the International Opera Awards (London, 2014) and the originator and founder of the Polish Home Film Archive at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Warsaw. His films and radio documentaries have been broadcast on television and radio stations in Europe, Canada, Japan, Brazil, South Africa, New Caledonia and Australia.

    ​Giovanna Fossati 

    Giovanna Fossati is the Chief Curator at Eye Filmmuseum (Netherlands), where she supervises a collection of more than 50,000 titles, and Professor of Film Heritage and Digital Film Culture at the University of Amsterdam.

    Fossati is the author of From Grain to Pixel: The Archival Life of Film in Transition (first published in 2009, revised edition 2018, translated into Spanish and Italian), co-author with Tom Gunning, Joshua Yumibe and Jonathon Rosen of Fantasia of Color in Early Cinema (2015), co-editor with Annie van den Oever of Exposing the Film Apparatus. The Film Archive as a Research Laboratory (2016), and co-editor of the volume The Colour Fantastic. Chromatic Worlds of Silent Cinema (2018). Recently, Fossati has acted as guest editor, together with Floris Paalman and Eef Masson, for the special issue of The Moving Image (Vol. 21, No. 1-2, 2021) focusing on “Activating the Archive.”

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