Jury for the Envision Competition

    Rosa Bosch

    Rosa Bosch is a film producer based in Valencia. She co-founded production companies Tequila Gang and Cubanstar, and became Managing Director of HBO Films in 2003. Her producing credits include Buena Vista Social Club (dir. Wim Wenders, 1999) and The Devil’s Backbone (dir. Guillermo del Toro, 2001). As producer’s representative she has been involved in the international sales and launch of films including Amores Perros (dir. Alejandro Iñarritu, 2000) and Corpo Celeste (dir. Alice Rohrwacher, 2011). Recent titles include El Gran Fellove (dir. Matt Dillon, 2020) and the The Quiet Girl (dir. Colm Bairéad, 2022).

    Bosch has also produced a range of filmed musical events with artists such as Orchestre Baobab, Toumani Diabate and Björk, as well as art films Polaris and The Chronograph by BAFTA-winning video artist Tal Rosner. With long-standing links to Cuba, she has been involved in many Cuban cultural projects. In 2018, she became a member of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

    Thania Dimitrakopoulou

    Thania Dimitrakopoulou has been working as a sales agent for about 15 years. Her work has been dedicated to sharing the finest work of emerging and established filmmakers with the world. She has been working with The Match Factory, first as a festival manager, and then with the sales team – currently as Head of Sales, and recently as Head of Acquisitions as well. As a sales agent, she works closely with filmmakers, producers, major festivals, distributors and publicists. Among the films Dimitrakopoulou has worked on are: 45 Years (dir. Andrew Haigh, 2015), Toni Erdmann (dir. Maren Ade, 2016), So Long My Son (dir. Wang Xiaoshuai, 2019) and Close (dir. Lukas Dhont, 2022), as well as films by Aki Kaurismäki, Fatih Akin, Marco Bellocchio, Jim Jarmusch and plenty more. Most recently, she worked on The March on Rome by Mark Cousins and In viaggio by Gianfranco Rosi.

    Pawel Lozinski

    Pawel Lozinski is a Polish director, cameraman and producer of documentaries. A graduate of the Directing Department at the Film School in Lodz, he is the author of more than 20 award-winning documentaries at international festivals. He worked as an assistant to Krzysztof Kieslowski on Three Colors: White (1994). Based on the latter’s concept, he made 100 Years of Polish Cinema (1995) for the renowned BFI series on the centenary of cinema.

    In his distinct and emotionally charged films, Lozinski draws intimate portraits of the people he films. His documentaries, such as his debut film Birthplace (1992), Sisters (1999), Chemo (2009), Father and Son (2013), You Have No Idea How Much I Love You (2016), and his latest The Balcony Movie (2021), are considered innovative as they venture into new thematic areas and explore uncharted spaces within the documentary film genre.

    Jumana Manna

    Jumana Manna is a visual artist and filmmaker, raised in Jerusalem and living in Berlin. Her work explores how power is articulated, focusing on the body, land and materiality in relation to colonial inheritances and histories of place. Through sculpture, filmmaking, and writing, Manna’s practice considers the tension between the modernist traditions of categorization and conservation and the unruly potential of ruination as an integral part of life and its regeneration.

    Her films include A Magical Substance Flows into Me (2016), Wild Relatives (2018) and Foragers (2022). Jumana Manna has participated in numerous film festivals and exhibitions around the world.

    Kidlat Tahimik

    Kidlat Tahimik (which means “silent lightning” in Tagalog), is a multi-disciplinary artist and a creative force in his community. Called the Godfather of the Filipino New Wave, his work ranges from film and photography to weaving, free-style architecture and carved installations. While working as an economic researcher for the OECD in Paris, his imagination was ignited by film. He tore up his MBA degree, quit his job, and poured his heart into his first film, Perfumed Nightmare (1977), a fictionalized version of his own dream trip to the West and subsequent disenchantment, which won the FIPRESCI Award in Berlin.

    Kidlat Tahimik is an enthusiastic advocate of indigenous culture, and organizes conferences of indigenous peoples from around the world. His unconventional artworks raise awareness about environmental issues. He has designed and built two imaginative art centers where local artists and craftspeople can exhibit their works. He generously gives his time mentoring young creatives and promoting independent creativity in workshops. 

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