Jury report: 2022 International Competition

    Jury statement

    We, the jury of the International Competition, would like to thank Orwa and the entire IDFA team, and, in particular, our tireless jury assistant Rada Šešić, for their hard and committed work. Being able to come together and to watch films where they should be discovered, on the big screen in a cinema, is a privileged experience we do not take lightly.

    IDFA Award for Best Cinematography

    Good cinematography is not just about capturing a pretty picture; it can go beyond the obviously stunning image to get close to the subjects and strike the right balance between locations, characters, and the sheer scale of a disaster. From this visual juxtaposition emerges the power of the film portraying the most urgent and timely concern of our planet earth. The Award for Best Cinematography goes to Paul Guilhaume for Paradise.

    IDFA Award for Best Editing

    This film captures the smallest details in an ordinary daily life during an extraordinary time. It uses repetition, rhythm, irony, emotions, and tragedy to give us a sharp picture of a particular slice of society without any need for overt commentary. It illustrates perfectly how editing is the nerve of the battle in documentary cinema. The Award for Best Editing goes to Mario Steenbergen for Journey Through Our World.

    IDFA Award for Best Directing

    This film tackles a very important and profound issue, a human condition that we all have to face one day. It is candid and transgressive, physical and tender. It is a testament to family commitment and love. It is a great example of how you can die laughing. The Award for Best Directing goes to Simon Chambers’ film Much Ado About Dying.

    IDFA Award for Best Film

    This film has characters who breathe life and take us on a journey, opening us up to the worlds of culture and art, of business and politics, of the mechanics of a success story. It is infused with love. The Award for Best Film goes to Lea Glob for her film Apolonia, Apolonia.

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