Jury report: IDFA DocLab Competition for Digital Storytelling 2019

    Jury statement

    We would like to congratulate all the creators and storytellers that were part of the DocLab selection this year. The stories took us on different journeys to different parts of the world, and shared with us truly intimate, unusual, and imaginative moments to get at very real issues that plague and color our world today. We want to thank you all for your hard work and commitment to telling evocative stories.

    Special Jury Award for Creative Technology in Digital Storytelling

    As the project addresses the doubts and conspiracies around one of the greatest historical moments in technological advancement, it plays with technology in order to criticize the ways it is being used to disinform and disillusion the world. The result is a very real alternative narrative, and its realness makes it both funny and very uncomfortable. The project sets out to confront a submissive culture and it pushes the audience to critically think about the ways our narratives, stories, and shared histories are being manipulated. By using technology, the creators invite us to witness first-hand its potential grave consequences on our lives.

    The Special Jury Award for Creative Technology in Digital Storytelling goes to In Event of Moon Disaster by Francesca Panetta and Halsey Burgund.

    IDFA DocLab Award for Digital Storytelling  

    The project was able to, by placing us in a very rare and unexpected point of view, address the complexity and simplicity of one of the most dramatic human experiences. The project put us in a dry, impersonal place and contrasted it with very warm and heart-wrenching audio. The premise, the story, the tension, and the location are all simple, and yet the experience of all these simple and contradictory things—a phone call, familial conversations, a hospital bed, the sound of machines —was haunting. It provoked us to breathe and feel, and left us with a sense that we just experienced something new and poignant and unforgettable.

    The IDFA DocLab Award for Digital Storytelling goes to The Waiting Room VR by Victoria Mapplebeck.

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