Markets for filmmakers

    IDFA offers two markets where documentary directors and producers can bring their latest work to top industry professionals. This year, current distancing and crowd limitations mean that IDFA Forum and Docs for Sale will take place online, from November 16 to 20, ensuring that accredited guests all over the world can participate. Nevertheless, guests who can travel in November will be welcome to watch films in cinemas and participate in additional industry activities (apart from the Forum and Docs for Sale) in Amsterdam. The key dates for in-person attendance are November 21 to 25.

    Co-production and co-financing market IDFA Forum gathers some of the strongest documentary projects currently being developed and produced globally, and presents them in a compact five-day program of online public presentations and one-on-one meetings. The Forum offers producers and directors a premium market to find partners and expand their international network with financiers, commissioning editors, sales agents, distributors, digital platforms, funds, and other decision makers. Presentations and meetings are tailored to best suit the needs of the individual filmmaking team, whether the project is a theatrical release, series, or interactive new media project. Observers have the opportunity to watch a live stream of the pitches and book meetings with consultants.

    Premier sales market Docs for Sale facilitates sales of high-end documentaries, helping filmmakers get their finished films into the right hands. The market brings the world’s sellers in contact with international buyers, festival programmers, and other stakeholders—all gathered together under one (online) roof. Over the years, Docs for Sale has grown into one of the world’s top markets for documentary cinema, with hundreds of pre-arranged one-on-one meetings and an expansive online catalogue available to buyers throughout the year, among other services. The market welcomes artistic documentaries from all over the world, and is open to films that target cinema, television, and online audiences.