People at IDFA Forum

    IDFA Forum is the result of teamwork. On this page, you can read more about the industry professionals who are involved in making this year’s Forum happen.

    IDFA Forum selection committee 2021

    Rea Apostolides
    Darya Bassel
    Anna Berthollet
    Gary Byung-Seok Kam
    Anton Calleja
    Azza Chaabouni
    Hicham Falah
    Luis Gonzalez Zaffroni
    Klara Grunning
    Ulla Haestrup
    Gema Juarez Allen
    Karolina Lidin
    Lucila Moctezuma
    Tiny Mungwe
    Justine Nagan
    Adriek van Nieuwenhuijzen
    Mikael Opstrup
    Charlie Phillips
    Stephan Riguet
    Ove Rishoj Jensen
    Estelle Robin You
    Aline Schmid
    Robin Smith
    Joanna Solecka
    Jenni Tuovinen

    IDFA DocLab Forum selection committee 2021

    Zeina Abi Assy
    Maddalena Crosti
    Ingrid Kopp
    Janine Steele
    Yorinde Segal
    Caspar Sonnen

    ​Pitch trainers

    The pitch trainers support the selected Forum projects in preparation of their presentations.

    Mikael Opstrup
    Bonnie Williams
    Margaux Missika

    IDFA Forum staff

    Head of Industry Adriek van Nieuwenhuijzen
    Markets Manager Selin Murat
    New Media Industry Manager Yorinde Segal
    Senior Producer Markets Jenni Tuovinen
    Forum Producer (Producers Connection) Marina Buric
    Forum Producers (DocLab Forum) Julia Kozakiewicz
    Forum Producer (Rough Cut Presentations, Producers Breakfast) Marine Perez
    Forum Producer (Pitch training, venue production) Maartje Meulenbeek
    Forum Producer (One-on-one meetings) Lena Nitsch
    Markets Assistant Producer Jessica Cohen

    To see the guests attending the market this year, check out our guest list.

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