VPRO Preview and Review Days

    Keeping with tradition, our main partner VPRO will present the VPRO Preview and Review Days for members during IDFA 2018, on November 14th and 22nd in Tuschinski 1.

    VPRO Preview and Review Day

    The VPRO Preview Day takes place on the first day of the festival. From morning till evening, see the most notable documentaries of IDFA 2018. Wednesday, November 14th, 9:30-22:00 | Tuschinski 1 | SOLD OUT

    Can't make it? On the last Thursday you get a do-over at VPRO Review Day, offering the same program for a second time. Thursday, November 22nd, 9:30-22:00 | Tuschinski 1

    Tickets available for the VPRO Review Day cost €55,- to € 57,50,- each.

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