Watch IDFA 2020 Talks

    Check out our series of IDFA 2020 Talks below. These extensive interviews with filmmakers, protagonists, and experts took place right after the screening.

    Talk: Gorbachev. Heaven

    Talk: Downstream to Kinshasa

    Talk: Gunda

    Talk: El Father Plays Himself

    Talk: Le temps perdu

    Talk: White Cube

    Talk: Zero

    Talk: White Noise hosted by De Groene Amsterdammer

    Talk: The New Gospel hosted by European Cultural Foundation

    Talk: She Had a Dream hosted by Mama Cash

    Talk: Nemesis

    Talk: A Thousand Cuts - Oxfam Novib Selection

    Talk: Before the Dying of the Light

    Talk: Nardjes A.

    Talk: Notes From the Underworld

    Talk: Morning Star - Oxfam Novib Selection

    Talk: MLK/FBI

    Talk: War and Peace

    Talk: Arica - Oxfam Novib Selection

    Talk: Epicentro

    Talk: Inside the Red Brick Wall hosted by De Groene Amsterdammer

    Talk: Oeconomia hosted by De Groene Amsterdammer

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