Who can attend IDFA Forum?

    To attend IDFA Forum, please submit your accreditation form before October 10, 2019 via MyIDFA. The form will be available July 2019.

    All professionals with a serious and demonstrable interest in the documentary sector are welcome to register for active attendance, whether as an independent producer with a project, a commissioning editor, financier, sales agent, distributor, digital platform, or fund. It is also possible for producers to register for attendance as an observer. Registration for IDFA Forum does not guarantee accreditation. The organizers reserve the right to accept or reject an application.

    The IDFA Forum pass provides access to the three-day Forum for the co-production and co-financing of documentaries, the IDFA Forum rough cut screenings, and all festival screenings, Industry screenings, and events. IDFA Forum is held at the Compagnietheater, within walking distance from the other major festival venues in the historic center of Amsterdam.

    The selection procedure only allows for 350 delegates due to limited venue capacity and the intimate goal of the event.

    Due to high demand, IDFA Forum can only accept one participant per production company. This means that if you are a producer pitching a project, for example, no one else from your company is eligible for an observer pass. If you are a producer with a production company and your colleague also wants to attend IDFA Forum, you need to decide which of you will apply for the Forum pass.

    After the accreditation deadline, we will let you know as soon as possible if the observer seat is granted. If the Forum pass cannot be granted, you have the option to change your accreditation to a festival pass.

    Attending IDFA Forum in different capacities

    Selected projects

    Producers and directors with a selected IDFA Forum project are eligible for a Forum pass. A maximum of two participants per project (preferably the director and producer who will pitch the project) may attend IDFA Forum, and their accreditation is covered through the pitch fee.


    If you are a producer who applied for IDFA Forum but your project was not selected, you can still apply to attend the event as an observer. Producers who did not submit a project to IDFA Forum are welcome to apply for an observer seat as well. By attending the pitches and listening to the responses of the decision makers, observers get first-class insight into the documentary market and can learn more about the preferences and profiles of individual companies, funders, broadcasters, and other industry stakeholders. All observer accreditations will undergo a selection process due to the limited number of seats available at the venue. IDFA Forum is a producers' Forum; if you are a director you cannot apply for an observer seat.

    Commissioning editors

    Commissioning editors from public or commercial TV stations are very welcome to attend IDFA Forum. The Forum gathers some of the strongest documentary projects currently being developed and produced internationally, and presents them in a compact three-day program of public pitches and one-on-one meetings.

    Commissioning editors are requested to be present and actively participate in the public pitching sessions as well as sign up for one-on-one meetings with the pitch teams. These follow-up meetings between you and the producers allow you to discuss potential collaboration in a more intimate setting.

    Commissioning editors who are already involved in a project that has been selected for IDFA Forum are invited to pitch their project together with the director and producer, and will receive a complimentary Forum pass.

    If you are a buyer (acquisitions) we cannot grant you a Forum pass, due to limited seats. Please visit Docs for Sale.

    Financiers and other film professionals

    Financiers and other film professionals are also invited to attend IDFA Forum, whether you are working at a film fund, digital platform, film institute, NGO, in new media communications, or at a film festival, market, MEDIA Desk, or other promotional organization. Due to limited capacity, all financiers and film professionals must undergo a selection process.

    Distributors and sales agents

    If you are a distributor or sales agent you can also visit IDFA Forum. The Forum staff may ask you to participate in the one-on-one meetings. Due to limited capacity, all distributors and sales agents must undergo a selection process.

    Are you new to IDFA Forum and interested in attending the next edition as a decision maker?

    Please get in touch with the Forum team at forum@idfa.nl to set up a phone call, where we can give you more information about how the event works.

    The deadline for accreditation is October 10, 2019.