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    Masters includes the latest films by auteurs whose work IDFA closely follows, and who have an unmistakable cinematographic signature.

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    American Dharma

    • Errol Morris
    • 2018

    Steve Bannon sits down with filmmaker Errol Morris for an extensive interview, in a documentary that Morris has described as a “horror film.”


    • Victor Kossakovsky
    • 2018

    This epic exploration of water in all its guises reveals the futility of humankind’s struggle against an elementary force of nature.

    Artificial Things

    • Sophie Fiennes
    • 2018

    A dance film set in stark, deserted offices. Some of the dancers have a disability. Exhilarating, energetic and moving.

    Becoming Animal

    • Emma Davie, Peter Mettler
    • 2018

    There’s magnificent natural beauty in this philosophical exploration of the relationship between humans and animals, and how to portray it.

    Bridges of Time

    • Kristine Briede, Audrius Stonys
    • 2018

    This poetic group portrait of the “Baltic New Wave” goes in search of what it means to be a documentary filmmaker.

    Central Airport THF

    • Karim Aïnouz
    • 2018

    Tempelhof is an iconic airport in Berlin that has served as a refugee camp since 2015. In the immense hangars, life goes on in spite of it all.

    Chinese Portrait

    • Xiaoshuai Wang
    • 2018

    Modern China, captured in a series of almost motionless portraits. Documentary precision work from the director of award-winning feature films such as Frozen and Beijing Bicycle.

    Dead Souls

    • Wang Bing
    • 2018

    An epic documentary about a little-known chapter of Chinese history: the reeducation camps of the 1950s in the Gobi Desert.

    De chaque instant

    • Nicolas Philibert
    • 2018

    Nicolas Philibert follows nursing students to reveal the huge pressures and responsibilities that weigh on their young shoulders.


    • Virpi Suutari
    • 2018

    A portrait of two totally different Finnish companies: a plodding, traditional family business and an innovative young enterprise with international potential.

    The Eyes of Orson Welles

    • Mark Cousins
    • 2018

    Previously unseen drawings by Orson Welles provide the basis for an essay in the form of a letter from director Mark Cousins to this film icon.

    Genesis 2.0

    • Christian Frei
    • 2018

    Exploring the legacy of the woolly mammoth. While hunters search for valuable tusks buried in Siberia, scientists attempt to clone this extinct animal.

    Graves Without a Name

    • Rithy Panh
    • 2018

    In this final part of his powerful trilogy on Cambodia’s collective trauma, auteur Rithy Panh searches for a path to peace.

    Infinite Football

    • Corneliu Porumboiu
    • 2018

    A portrait of a single-minded dreamer whose ideas are more far-reaching than most people would dare consider. But is this all really just about soccer?

    Letter to a Friend in Gaza

    • Amos Gitai
    • 2018

    As a political solution for the conflict in the Gaza strip seems out of reach, Amos Gitai's cinematographic gesture uses powerful words.

    Meeting Gorbachev

    • Werner Herzog, Andre Singer
    • 2018

    Mikhail Gorbachev, the last president of the Soviet Union, looks back at his political life and legacy with Werner Herzog.

    Monrovia, Indiana

    • Frederick Wiseman
    • 2018

    Frederick Wiseman shows us everyday life going by in Monrovia, a small town in the American heartland.

    New Homeland

    • Barbara Kopple
    • 2018

    A group of Syrian and Iraqi refugee children go to summer camp with Canadian and American kids in the Canadian wilderness.

    A Northern Soul

    • Sean McAllister
    • 2018

    Steve is a warehouse worker in Hull, England who uses music to make a small but important difference in the lives of local children, despite his own difficult circumstances.

    Putin’s Witnesses

    • Vitaly Mansky
    • 2018

    A close account of the first year of Putin’s presidency, in which Vitaly Mansky also questions his own role: witness or silent accomplice?

    Searching for Ingmar Bergman

    • Margarethe von Trotta
    • 2018

    Margarethe von Trotta’s layered and personal examination of the work, themes and private life of the Swedish director Ingmar Bergman.

    To Be Continued

    • Ivars Seleckis
    • 2018

    This Latvian take on the Up series follows five children with different backgrounds in various parts of the country, over the course of their first year in school.

    The Trial

    • Sergei Loznitsa
    • 2018

    A show trial in the Soviet Union in 1930 acts as a historical warning against the dangers of "alternative facts," media manipulation and a selective approach to the truth.

    The Trial

    • Maria Ramos
    • 2018

    A courtroom drama about the impeachment of Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, documenting the political theater and structures of power.

    Victory Day

    • Sergei Loznitsa
    • 2018

    Modern-day nationalism haunts this portrait of a commemoration of the Soviet soldiers who died in Berlin.

    The Waldheim Waltz

    • Ruth Beckermann
    • 2018

    An exciting reportage on the revelations surrounding Kurt Waldheim’s Nazi past, in the run-up to the Austrian presidential election of 1986.