IDFA Competition for Mid-Length Documentary

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    The films of IDFA 2018’s Competition for Mid-Length Documentary prove once again that the formatted one-hour documentary is not so formatted anymore. These films stick to no predictable rules, abandon traditional conventions, and carve out a new space for imagination.

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    • Yaser Talebi
    • 2018

    The 82-year-old Firouzeh prefers a hard, solitary herder’s existence with her cows to a more comfortable life among people.

    But Now Is Perfect

    • Carin Goeijers
    • 2018

    The southern Italian village of Riace once symbolized successful refugee resettlement, but it’s here of all places where things go wrong for the Nigerian woman Becky Moses.

    Don’t Be a Dick About It

    • Benjamin Mullinkosson
    • 2017

    An affectionate portrait of the extraordinary bond between two brothers. Each has his own obsessions, but their friendship is unconditional.

    In Touch

    • Pawel Ziemilski
    • 2018

    In a visual, almost tactile way, this intimate and artistic film connects Polish villagers and their many family members who have immigrated to Iceland.

    The Potato Eaters

    • Dina Barinova
    • 2018

    A Russian family lives in extreme poverty. This is what Van Gogh’s The Potato Eaters would look like if it came to life.

    Privacy of Wounds

    • Dalia Kury
    • 2018

    In a reconstructed prison cell, three Syrian former political prisoners reveal their painful memories of shared experiences.


    • Didier Cros
    • 2018

    Five people with disfigured faces have their portraits taken at a famous photographic studio. The results are confronting for viewer and subject alike.


    • Andrei Kutsila
    • 2018

    A young Belarusian artist leaves her husband behind to visit her friend, an elderly Polish artist, in his fairy-tale manor house in Poland.

    To War

    • Francisco Marise
    • 2018

    Decades after the revolution, an elderly Cuban still lives on the battle field. A weaponless war film about a combative and solitary spirit.

    Vida a bordo

    • Emiliano Mazza De Luca
    • 2018

    This voyage aboard the cargo ship Explorador is a visual trip into our entire life, with all its banality and euphoria.


    • Andrijana Stojkovic
    • 2018

    A contemplative and poetic portrait of the Serbian-Australian writer B. Wongar (Sreten Božić), who devotedly cares for his six dingoes.


    • Young Sun Noh
    • 2018

    A poetic musing in which the Korean filmmaker Young Sun Noh dreams about her Japanese grandmother, whom she never knew.