IDFA Competition for Student Documentary

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    The filmmakers of the future are already here… with a fresh view of the world, and of filmmaking. All selected for the IDFA Competition for Student Documentary have in common that they are searching for a cinematographic signature. In this edition, the next generation looks emphatically across borders, is idiosyncratic, and strives for authorship.

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    • Dana Gelman
    • 2018

    The refugee crisis encapsulated in a single night: a crowd of people wait in front of the immigration office for the tiny chance that they'll be granted a refugee status. 

    La Bestia – Train of the Unknowns

    • Manuel Inacker
    • 2018

    Casa del Migrante provides a temporary safe haven for migrants heading to the United States, before they jump on the freight train known as La Bestia.

    La bonita

    • Maria del Mar Rosario
    • 2018

    Close-up shots without commentary of often painful cosmetic treatments reveal how heavily women can be burdened by the dictates of beauty.


    • Aleksandra Maciejczyk
    • 2018

    Krysztof goes skiing with his wife in a film that gives heartwarming meaning to the expression “trusting each other blind.”

    Dancing in the Wind

    • Yue Ting
    • 2018

    A vivid portrait of an eccentric Chinese man, who gets on the wrong side of the authorities by making popular livestreams and performing in the street as an “awkward dancer.”

    Hey, Bro!

    • Aleksandr Elkan
    • 2018

    Two young friends test the boundaries of the civilized world on an alcohol-fuelled trip that connects a succession of summer nights.

    In Search...

    • Beryl Magoko
    • 2018

    Director Beryl Magoko seeks the advice of fellow survivors of female genital mutilation. Can reconstructive surgery help to heal her traumas?

    Last Year When the Train Passed by

    • Huang Pang-Chuan
    • 2018

    A filmmaker visits people in places he photographed from the train a year before, and finds moving, dramatic and sometimes comical stories.

    At Midnight Plays a Dance Tune

    • Roy Seerden
    • 2018

    When Roy Seerden’s mother dies, there’s no holding him back. Sex, drugs, roaming through the night: his life transforms into a bundle of energy, grief and detachment.

    The Olden Heralds

    • Luis Alejandro Yero
    • 2018

    An elderly couple leading a simple existence in the Cuban countryside watches an old TV set that’s thrusting a new political era into their lives.

    Seeds of Deceit

    • Miriam Guttmann
    • 2018

    Fertility doctor Jan Karbaat helped dozens of women get pregnant. It was only after his death that they discovered how.


    • Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis
    • 2018

    A disturbing but beautiful visual meditation on “swatting,” a gaming phenomenon in the borderland between virtuality and reality.