IDFA Competition for Dutch Documentary

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    Eleven very different films – in both subject and form – have a chance of winning the IDFA Competition for Dutch Documentary. The competition consists of films by well-known and often award-winning filmmakers, but also by promising new talent.

    The IDFA Competition for Dutch Documentary is made possible by The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

    Items in this selection


    • Heddy Honigmann
    • 2018

    Heddy Honigmann explores the close bond between animal and human in this moving portrait of guide dogs and their owners.

    But Now Is Perfect

    • Carin Goeijers
    • 2018

    The southern Italian village of Riace once symbolized successful refugee resettlement, but it’s here of all places where things go wrong for the Nigerian woman Becky Moses.

    Good Neighbours

    • Stella van Voorst van Beest
    • 2018

    Two neighbors conduct a survey among lonely old people for the Rotterdam city council. They soon decide to abandon their questionnaires and take action.

    The Miracle of the Little Prince

    • Marjoleine Boonstra
    • 2018

    Speakers of several threatened languages talk about their translation of the world-famous children’s book The Little Prince and its philosophical story.

    My Soul Drifts Light upon a Sea of Trees

    • Heinrich Dahms
    • 2018

    The painfully candid stories of Japanese people who considered suicide, but then decided against it thanks to a Zen priest and his holistic approach.

    O amor é único

    • Marina Meijer
    • 2018

    She may be elderly, but the Brazilian widow Dona Alva (aka The Macho Woman) isn’t immune to the universal quest to find love.

    Scared of Revolution

    • Daniël Krikke
    • 2018

    A portrait of the performance poet Umar Bin Hassan and his personal struggle with the revolution he propagated himself with The Last Poets.

    Sheep Hero

    • Ton van Zantvoort
    • 2018

    An idealistic Dutch shepherd does everything in his power to keep his local business afloat in these neoliberal times.

    Stones Have Laws

    • Van Brummelen & De Haan
    • 2018

    While the world of the Surinamese Maroon community unfolds majestically, together with the spirits of the nature around them they fight the multinationals.

    You Are My Friend

    • Petra Lataster-Czisch, Peter Lataster
    • 2018

    A heartwarming film about the ups and downs of six-year-old Branche from Macedonia, as he learns to make friends at his new Dutch school.

    ‘Now something is slowly changing’

    • mint film office
    • 2018

    A bold documentary in a measured style about the modern-day quest for meaning and personal growth.