IDFA Bertha Fund Harvest at IDFA 2018

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    This year, 10 films realized with the support of the IDFA Bertha Fund made it into the official festival selection. Of these, 5 films were realized with the support of the IBF Europe - International Co-production grant, including the IDFA 2018 opening film Kabul, City in the Wind. Explore the new harvest online, and start planning what to see at IDFA 2018.

    You can check out last year's harvest here.

    Items in this selection

    Big Characters

    • Ju Anqi
    • 2018

    In 1968, 30 immense Chinese characters were constructed in the Gobi Desert. Here, revolutions all over the world coalesce into an elusive newsreel.

    Dead Souls

    • Wang Bing
    • 2018

    An epic documentary about a little-known chapter of Chinese history: the reeducation camps of the 1950s in the Gobi Desert.

    Freedom Fields

    • Naziha Karima Arebi
    • 2018

    Women’s football faces huge opposition in Libya but a group of ambitious players fight for autonomy, on and off the field.

    Home Games

    • Alisa Kovalenko
    • 2018

    An intimate portrait of a talented soccer player who tries to keep her life on track despite a troubled home life. 

    How Big Is the Galaxy?

    • Ksenia Elyan
    • 2018

    Zakhar is a seven-year-old boy living in the remote north of Siberia. This year, a teacher is moving in with his family to homeschool him.

    Kabul, City in the Wind

    • Aboozar Amini
    • 2018

    A bus driver and two brothers struggle to keep their heads above water in Kabul, a city still regularly struck by terrorist attacks.

    Los Reyes

    • Bettina Perut, Iván Osnovikoff
    • 2018

    The life of some tough teenagers at the Chilean skatepark Los Reyes, seen through the eyes of two stray dogs, Chola and Football.

    The Sound of Masks

    • Sara de Gouveia
    • 2018

    Atanásio Nyusi, a compelling storyteller and legendary Mapiko dancer, takes us on a journey through Mozambique’s past and present.

    Theatre of War

    • Lola Arias
    • 2018

    A conceptual documentary in which British and Argentine veterans of the Malvinas/Falklands War confront their memories, each other and the war that binds them.