Thinking Earth

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    What's up with us and our planet? Filmmakers invite us to contemplate a lot of information, learn, and ponder many questions! For instance: genetic engineering, our languages' link to nature and animals, searching for sustainability, and dealing with a future that is not so merciful to the past.

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    • Victor Kossakovsky
    • 2018

    This epic exploration of water in all its guises reveals the futility of humankind’s struggle against an elementary force of nature.

    Becoming Animal

    • Emma Davie, Peter Mettler
    • 2018

    There’s magnificent natural beauty in this philosophical exploration of the relationship between humans and animals, and how to portray it.


    • Virpi Suutari
    • 2018

    A portrait of two totally different Finnish companies: a plodding, traditional family business and an innovative young enterprise with international potential.

    Genesis 2.0

    • Christian Frei
    • 2018

    Exploring the legacy of the woolly mammoth. While hunters search for valuable tusks buried in Siberia, scientists attempt to clone this extinct animal.

    Losing Alaska

    • Tom Burke
    • 2018

    In this urgent story that makes an acute problem tangible, the inhabitants of Newtok, Alaska are seeing their village literally vanish due to climate change. 

    Scenes from a Dry City

    • François Verster, Simon Wood
    • 2018

    Cape Town’s acute water crisis illustrates the differences within South African society, in a film that’s as visually stunning as it is urgent.

    Sheep Hero

    • Ton van Zantvoort
    • 2018

    An idealistic Dutch shepherd does everything in his power to keep his local business afloat in these neoliberal times.


    • Enrico Parenti, Stefano Liberti
    • 2018

    An investigation of the increasing industrialization of pig farming, and its global consequences for humans and the environment .