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    The world's largest nation is present in so many details of our daily lives, but it's also far away and disconnected. We actually know very little about Chinese people's reality. Some say a great culture, others say beautiful traditions. Still others speak of a brutal dictatorship, while others try to ignore this claim. These films show us people's lives in China.

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    • Rikun Zhu
    • 2018

    A powerful cinema verité documentary about 10-year-old Anni, who gets banned from school because of her father’s resistance to the repressive Chinese regime.

    Chinese Portrait

    • Xiaoshuai Wang
    • 2018

    Modern China, captured in a series of almost motionless portraits. Documentary precision work from the director of award-winning feature films such as Frozen and Beijing Bicycle.

    Dancing in the Wind

    • Yue Ting
    • 2018

    A vivid portrait of an eccentric Chinese man, who gets on the wrong side of the authorities by making popular livestreams and performing in the street as an “awkward dancer.”

    Dead Souls

    • Wang Bing
    • 2018

    An epic documentary about a little-known chapter of Chinese history: the reeducation camps of the 1950s in the Gobi Desert.

    The Land of Peach Blossoms

    • Mingying Zhou
    • 2018

    A unique live-event restaurant in Chongqing holds a mirror to China. How long will the staff submit to the company philosophy with its authoritarian collectivism?

    The Silk and the Flame

    • Jordan Schiele
    • 2018

    A beautiful and somber black-and-white portrait of a closeted homosexual Chinese man in his thirties under pressure from his family to marry.

    Trapped in the City of a Thousand Mountains

    • David Verbeek
    • 2018

    In the vast city of Chongqing, a new generation of rappers try to keep expressing themselves after tough new censorship from the government.

    Up the Mountain

    • Yang Zhang
    • 2018

    Artist Shen Jianhua gives drawing lessons in a remote mountain village, shown in stunning compositions and colors—every frame is a painting.