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    More and more films—by both female filmmakers and their allies—examine being a woman in our world today. From celebrities to obscure dreamers, from the filmmaker's own self to large-scale socio-political research, these films present a holistic, though never complete, view. The pathway It's a Woman's World is presented in collaboration with WOMEN Inc.

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    143 Sahara Street

    • Hassen Ferhani
    • 2019

    In the middle of the Algerian Sahara, Malika runs a simple shop for truck drivers, fortune seekers and adventurers. A multilayered portrait gradually emerges of an independent woman in a world that seems to exist outside of time.

    Adriana’s Pact

    • Lisette Orozco
    • 2017

    The young filmmaker Lisette Orozco wanted to make a portrait of her aunt, but disturbing facts about her past soon start to emerge. Can she trust her own family? A painful search for the truth.


    • Rachel Leah Jones, Philippe Bellaiche
    • 2019

    Vilified and praised in equal measure, the Israeli human rights lawyer Lea Tsemel has spent the last 50 years fighting against her country’s discriminatory legal system, primarily by defending Palestinians accused of violent acts of resistance.


    • Elisa Amoruso
    • 2019

    Three Italian sisters pursue their dream of being models, under the leadership of their mother. All four devote their lives to beauty, and together they try to cope with the inevitable disappointments that ensue.

    Born in Evin

    • Maryam Zaree
    • 2019

    The German actress Maryam Zaree fled the Iranian regime as a small child with her mother. She knows she was born in prison, but nobody ever talks about it. Now she wants to know why.


    • Camila Kater
    • 2019

    Five women talk about about their relationship with their own body and how they experience the gaze of others. Their stories are strikingly visualized with the aid of various animation techniques.

    Fat Front

    • Louise Unmack Kjeldsen, Louise Detlefsen
    • 2019

    Fat Front is the story about young Scandinavian women who have had enough of self-hatred and shame and proudly call themselves fat.

    For One More Hour with You

    • Alina Marazzi
    • 2002

    Director Alina Marazzi uses home videos and diary excerpts to reconstruct the life of her mother, who committed suicide when she was seven years old. Hazy memories form a testimony to the great absence in her life.

    For Sama

    • Waad al-Kateab, Edward Watts
    • 2019

    The 26-year-old citizen journalist Waad al-Kateab films her life in besieged Aleppo, Syria. She falls in love, marries, and gives birth to daughter Sama. In the form of a letter to Sama, the film intimately captures the reality of war and an uncertain future.

    The Illusionist

    • Alain Cavalier
    • 1990

    An enchanting mini-portrait of Antoinette, an 86½-year-old magician. With no more than a napkin, tissue paper or plastic flowers, the elegant Parisienne conjures up a hopeful universe. Part of a series on French women with unusual professions.

    I Love You I Miss You I Hope I See You Before I Die

    • Eva Marie Rødbro
    • 2019

    A harsh and dreamy story of a young girl and her longing heart, set in the American West. Through Betty we experience a tight family clan where love and dependency go hand in hand.

    I Owe You a Letter About Brazil

    • Carol Benjamin
    • 2019

    Filmmaker Carol Benjamin’s father spent years in jail during the Brazilian military dictatorship. It drove her grandmother to become a human rights activist. What scars has this era left on their family and country, and why is nobody talking about it?

    In a Whisper

    • Heidi Hassan, Patricia Pérez Fernández
    • 2019

    Best friends Patricia and Heidi lose touch when they both move from Cuba to Europe. Years later, they send each other video letters. A beautifully designed, sensitive and frank account of two lives broken apart.

    Khartoum Offside

    • Marwa Zein
    • 2019

    A portrait of female soccer players in Khartoum, as they struggle for a place both on the field and in Sudan’s conservative society—with humor, perseverance and irrepressible optimism.

    The Kingmaker

    • Lauren Greenfield
    • 2019

    There’s great poverty in the Philippines, but the Marcos family is awash with money. Former First Lady Imelda Marcos proudly talks about her patriotism, but the main thing that strikes us is the deep-rooted, inexhaustible corruption.

    L.A. Tea Time

    • Sophie Bédard Marcotte
    • 2019

    Two Canadian filmmakers travel to Los Angeles to have tea with multitalented director and artist Miranda July. A quest for a framework in life undertaken with imagination and humor, with Chantal Akerman as spiritual and cinematic guide.

    Lady Time

    • Elina Talvensaari
    • 2019

    Filmmaker Elina Talvensaari tries to bring the previous occupant of her home back to life through the possessions she left behind after her lonely death. A fond tribute to an unknown woman who gradually becomes a treasured friend.

    Last of the Mohicans

    • Max Ploeg
    • 2019

    The mobile supermarket in this heartwarming portrait is run by Tonny, a doggedly determined woman who will stop at nothing to help her needy neighbors, even when she’s struggling with her own huge debts.

    Lessons of Love

    • Małgorzata Goliszewska, Katarzyna Mateja
    • 2019

    Free-spirited Jola, after escaping from an abusive marriage finds herself thrust into a new romance at a latino dancing class. Will she embrace love for the first time in her life at the age of 69?

    Let’s Talk

    • Marianne Khoury
    • 2019

    A mother and daughter film each other in intimate conversation about identity and modern life. These scenes are interwoven with images from the family archive and excerpts from the autobiographical feature films of Youssef Chahine, the mother’s uncle.

    A Long Breath

    • Remi Itani
    • 2019

    In a marginalized neighborhood in Tripoli, Lebanon, Ibrahim struggles with unemployment, the daily threat of war and his own demons. As an expectant father, he dreams of a devout Muslim life, but the appeal of pills, alcohol and gambling is strong.


    • Claudia Sparrow
    • 2019

    A big goldmine in Peru wants to expand operations, and that would mean swallowing up the little plot of land belonging to Máxima. But she’s not about to go down without a fight. With impressive tenacity she battles it out against greed and corruption.


    • Katelyn Rebelo, Kira Dane
    • 2019

    A partially animated visual poem reflecting on life and death in Japan and the United States, through a Japanese-American woman’s personal account of her abortion.

    Mother and Son

    • Hilal Baydarov
    • 2019

    In rural Azerbaijan, a mother welcomes her adult son, who left home eight years earlier. In the calm rhythm of rural life, reflective silences punctuate their personal, philosophical conversations.

    No Man’s Land

    • Charlotte Müller
    • 2019

    A serene short film about intentional single motherhood, in which three women on a train trip describe the process and share their thoughts in interior monologue.


    • Molly Stuart
    • 2019

    Like most young adults in Israel, Atalya is required to join the army. She refuses, though, because there’s no way she’s going to participate in the oppression of Palestinians. We watch closely as she grows into a staunch human rights activist.


    • Sung-A Yoon
    • 2019

    How do you protect yourself against sexual harassment? How do you react to an abusive boss? In the Philippines, prospective housekeepers participate in role-playing games to learn how to deal with their wealthy and demanding future employers.


    • Cris Lyra
    • 2019

    A group of young lesbians from São Paulo travel to a remote beach to celebrate New Year’s. From their conversations, a picture of current Brazilian society emerges.

    Radio Silence

    • Juliana Fanjul
    • 2019

    The popular Mexican radio journalist Carmen Aristegui battles against her corrupt government, which is in the grip of drug cartels. Risking her own life, she continues to broadcast to her millions of followers on social media.

    The Sea Between Us

    • Marlene Edoyan
    • 2019

    Filmmaker Marlene Edoyan follows two women with strong views who grew up on different sides of the same civil war, thus painting an insightful portrait of Beirut: a divided city in an explosive region, balanced in a precarious peace.

    Searching Eva

    • Pia Hellenthal
    • 2019

    An unconventional inside view of the equally unconventional life of Eva: sex worker, writer, musician, model, blogger, anarchist and feminist. And much more, because Eva can’t be pinned down.

    Shadow Flowers

    • Seung-Jun Yi
    • 2019

    Ryun-hee Kim is North Korean, but she has been living in South Korea since 2011—against her will. Returning to South Korea’s northern enemy proves extremely difficult. An unsettling tale that turns our ideas about North and South Korea on their head.

    Shooting the Mafia

    • Kim Longinotto
    • 2019

    A portrait of the Italian photographer Letizia Battaglia, famous for her compelling photos of Mafia victims. This revealing retrospective of both her career and private life dispels romantic notions of organized crime.

    Sunless Shadows

    • Mehrdad Oskouei
    • 2019

    A picture of life in an Iranian juvenile detention center, where a group of adolescent girls serve their sentence for murdering a male member of their family. Alone with the camera, they reveal their thoughts, feelings and doubts.

    That Which Does Not Kill

    • Alexe Poukine
    • 2019

    Ada was 19. He was someone she knew, and she didn’t resist. Ada’s testimony is central to this film, but many share her history. The sensitive narrative style creates space for the universality of this story.

    They Call Me Babu

    • Sandra Beerends
    • 2019

    Alima worked as a nanny in the former Dutch colony of Indonesia. Her story plays out against the backdrop of World War II and the struggle for independence, and is complemented by unique footage from various archives.

    This Film Is About Me

    • Alexis Delgado Búrdalo
    • 2019

    This portrait of a woman who is imprisoned for a brutal murder isn’t about her crime or punishment, but about herself. With both the director and the protagonist having a passionate desire to make this film, an intriguing interplay unfolds.

    Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am

    • Timothy Greenfield-Sanders
    • 2019

    A film portrait of Toni Morrison (1931-2019), the great American teacher, editor, and above all author and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. She gave entirely new meaning to the idea of “black literature.”

    The Two Lives of Li Ermao

    • Jia Yuchuan
    • 2019

    A powerful portrait of Li Ermao, who lives as a “ladyboy”. The film follows her over the course of 17 years in her native China, as she searches for love and acceptance but encounters prejudice and aggression.


    • Daniela König
    • 2019

    The independent-minded Khawla leads a group of women plumbers in Jordan. The cheerful and refreshingly frank atmosphere between the women comes under threat when she faces trial on corruption charges.