IDFA 2018: elementary school film selection

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    Hello Salaam

    • Kim Brand
    • 2017

    Two friends travel to a refugee camp in Greece to meet Syrian refugees their age and see how they're coping.

    A Butcher’s Heart

    • Marijn Frank
    • 2017

    Teenage Wessel faces a dilemma: does he take over the family butcher’s shop or would he prefer to work with living animals?

    Lenno & the Angelfish

    • Shamira Raphaëla
    • 2017

    See the world through the eyes of Lenno, a lively boy with a behavioral disorder who can be both irritating and really sweet.

    Kids on the Silk Road: Girl Against Gravity

    • Jens Pedersen
    • 2017

    Eleven-year old Erdenchimeg lives her dream at circus school. But with her father in jail, she often feels an outsider in her class.


    • Astrid Bussink
    • 2017

    The conversations children have with the Child Helpline are funny or naughty at times, but more often sad or heartrending.