IDFA school screenings 2019

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    IDFA proudly presents: the film selection for the school screenings during IDFA 2019!

    Items in this selection


    • Johan van der Keuken
    • 1965

    The Amsterdam street urchin Beppie is the joy of a working-class area.

    199 Little Heroes: Miral from Palestine

    • Sigrid Klausmann
    • 2018

    The Palestinian girl Miral is only 11 but she has big dreams: to be a professional soccer player and play on the national team.


    • René van Zundert
    • 2018

    Struggling to find his way through life’s ups and downs, Jose wants to be the best stunt cyclist in Rotterdam.

    Crowley – Cowboy Up

    • Andre Hörmann
    • 2018

    An intimate exploration of love, grief and resilience, as seen through the eyes of a 14-year-old cowboy.


    • Rishi Chandna
    • 2018

    A documentary comedy in which a pet rooster turns the domestic life of a family living in a small Mumbai apartment upside down.

    The Man Who Looked Beyond the Horizon

    • Martijn Blekendaal
    • 2018

    A playfully edited documentary investigating the disappearance of a man who proves to have left behind something more special than just a mystery.


    • Anneke de Lind van Wijngaarden, Annelies Kruk
    • 2018

    A year ago, Gracious experienced something awful, and now she wants to hide herself away from everyone. Can she ever get back to being the happy teenager she once was?

    The Sniper of Kobani

    • Reber Dosky
    • 2015

    An unhurried glance into the soul of a Kurdish sniper named Haron, who defends Kobani from the advancing Islamic State.

    Minding the Gap

    • Bing Liu
    • 2018

    A group of skateboarders in America’s Rust Belt struggle in the gap between turbulent childhood and the responsibilities of adult life.