IDFA on Stage

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    IDFA on Stage is a series of unique live experiences in that blurs the boundaries between documentary, music, and performing arts.

    IDFA on Stage is supported by Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Zabawas Foundation.

    Tickets available from €8.50.

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    Again – Live

    • Mario Pfeifer
    • 2019

    Director Mario Pfeifer adapted his project Again to a live experience that revolves around a man who was dragged out of a supermarket and tied to a tree after arguing with an employee. Was this incident a justified intervention or an act of vigilantism?

    The Long River Slides

    • Sanne Rovers
    • 2019

    Ferry Heijne, the lead singer of the punk-brass band De Kift, takes his floating studio on a trip down the river to draw inspiration from stories of people who always endure, in spite of their hardships. The music is wistful, energetic and deeply touching.

    A Machine for Viewing

    • Charlie Shackleton, Richard Misek, Oscar Raby
    • 2019

    In a wonderful combination of cinema, virtual experience and performance, three moving-image makers guide you through their “viewing machine.” Experiments in perception juxtapose the physical cinema experience with immersion in a virtual world.

    True Copy

    • Bart Baele, Yves Degryse
    • 2018

    How did art forger Geert Jan Jansen manage to get away with selling his counterfeit Picassos? This live multimedia performance about the art of deception moves sinuously between fact and fiction, much like the “master” himself.