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    Comprised of almost 20 titles, the non-competitive DocLab section offers a selection of documentary art across disciplines by masters and new talents, as well as special research projects.

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    • Jan Kounen
    • 2019

    What does Greenland sound like at temperatures well below freezing? Electronic musician Molécule went on a journey with his microphone and translated the surroundings into this partly realistic, partly hallucinatory short VR-film.

    -22.7°C. The Full Dome Experience

    • 2019

    What does Greenland sound like at temperatures well below freezing? Musician Molécule went on a journey with his microphone and translated the surroundings into a thrilling electronic music film, which can be experienced once during IDFA as a dome performance in the ARTIS-Planetarium.

    Artificial: Room One

    • 2019

    A one-on-one performance pairing you with an artificial intelligence for a conversation about what it is to be human, in a genuine attempt to understand the relationship between man and machine. On-site reservation required.

    Ayahuasca: Kosmik Journey Dome Experience

    • Jan Kounen
    • 2019

    Exploring the possibilities of 360-degree in a dome experience to alter our sense of reality, Ayahuasca - Kosmik Journey follows the ritual as it is conducted by Shipibo shamans.

    Ayahuasca – The Shamanic Exhibition

    • 2019

    This exhibition features different elements to learn about the spiritual ceremony as it’s conducted by Shipibo shamans, with the interactive VR installation Ayahuasca – A Kosmik Journey as centerpiece, giving each individual their own personal immersive experience. 


    • Hsin-Chien Huang
    • 2019

    This interactive fairy tale interweaves the Taiwanese dictatorship of 1949-1987, today’s surveillance society, and belief in spirits. Through the eyes of deceased political prisoners, we see citizens being reduced to pure data. On-site reservation required.

    Climate Crimes

    • Adrian Lahoud, Michaela French
    • 2018

    A powerful visualization of the cyclical links between climate change, air pollution and global migration. Through projections of scientific data on a dome-shaped screen, cause and effect become clear.

    Common Ground

    • Darren Emerson
    • 2019

    Once Europe’s largest housing project, the Aylesbury Estate in London is being demolished. This interactive portrait explores the consequences of gentrification and offers background facts, using 360-degree video and 3-D environments. On-site reservation required.


    • Ana Vîjdea, Cosmin Nicoara
    • 2019

    With snapshots of household dinners from across cultural backgrounds, economic circumstances and family arrangements, this VR documentary gives us an unseen “place at the table,” where so much of family life plays out. On show in DocLab: Exhibition (free on-site reservation required) and as part of the DocLab VR-Cinema (regular ticket sales).

    Fail in Love

    • Cécile Rousset, Romain Blanc-Tailleur
    • 2020

    A swipe to the right can lead to romance, but also to a bizarre or hilarious story. This series of animations charmingly explains the contemporary world of sex, love and relationships.

    Fractal Time

    • Julius Horsthuis
    • 2019

    Our world is made up of infinitely repeating geometric patterns called fractals. Special effects artist Julius Horsthuis uses algorithms to create new worlds where you can experience mathematical realities in free fall.

    Last Whispers

    • Lena Herzog
    • 2018

    Extinct animals can be stuffed and displayed, and vanished civilizations leave ruins, but when a language is no longer spoken, nothing remains but silence. This immersive VR production is a monument to languages that are in danger of disappearing.


    • 2019

    In digital models, objects sometimes appear that seem real, but that are geometrically impossible and couldn’t physically exist. In this dome projection, they acquire a physical presence through sound waves.

    Recoding Art

    • Bruno Moreschi, Gabriel Pereira
    • 2019

    Art through the eyes of artificial intelligence: a contradictory, entertaining and thought-provoking project that takes art aficionados out of their comfort zone. What happens if we play the same game with human intelligence?

    What They Destroy, We Will Build Again

    • Astrid Feringa
    • 2019

    The digital reconstruction of ruined cultural heritage: an idealistic act of defiance or neo-colonial appropriation? On either side of Palmyra’s Arch of Triumph, destroyed by IS and replicated by an European institute, you see the two sides to this story.

    Year of the Robot

    • Yves Gellie
    • 2019

    In aesthetic scenes, filmmaker Yves Gellie visits hospital patients and nursing home residents in France and Belgium to film their encounters with a robot. What happens when people and machines meet?