IDFA DocLab Competition for Immersive Non-Fiction

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    The definitions of documentary are challenged in the Immersive Non-Fiction competition, with 10 site-specific projects such as audiowalks, live performances, room-scale mixed reality installations, and A.I. productions. See the jury members here.

    Items in this selection

    Look Inside

    • Nadja van der Weide
    • 2019

    A hyper-realistic audio tour that lets you roam around someone’s real house. You’re on your own but guided by a voice coming through a pair of headphones, inviting you to look around. Does this adventure make you feel curious or repelled?

    A Machine for Viewing

    • Charlie Shackleton, Richard Misek, Oscar Raby
    • 2019

    In a wonderful combination of cinema, virtual experience and performance, three moving-image makers guide you through their “viewing machine.” Experiments in perception juxtapose the physical cinema experience with immersion in a virtual world.


    • Ali Eslami, Mamali Shafahi
    • 2019

    Through an archive of online media curated by the online persona nerd_funk, this VR experience in two chapters attempts to get a grip on our omnipresent digital culture and its influence on our physical lives. On-site reservation required.

    Only Expansion

    • 2019

    Using real-time audio software, this site-responsive audio tour prompts participants to consider, in timescales both fleeting and geologic, how our relation to the landscape we inhabit is being altered by rapid climate change.


    • Piotr Winiewicz, Dawid Górny, RNDR
    • 2019

    This autonomous AI engine arranges and edits film in continuous real time, opening new doors to new and innovative ways of filmmaking.


    • Nienke Huitenga-Broeren, Lisa Weeda
    • 2019

    When flight MH17 was shot down over the Ukranian war zone in 2014, the remote village of Rozsypne briefly made international news. This poetic roomscale VR experience offers a fragmented window into daily life in this faraway reality. On-site reservation required.

    The Space Between Us

    • Benedicte Kurzen, Sanne De Wilde, Tong Wu, Barak Chamo
    • 2019

    An exploration of the often concealed spaces between human and machine, privacy and surveillance, the self and the other, the observer and the observed or our real bodies and digital representations, to be experienced as an interactive installation.

    A Symphony of Noise VR

    • Michaela Pnacekova
    • 2019

    In this VR experience, every sound is potential music, visualized as waves, shapes and colors. The user adds new sounds to the audio palette and becomes the co-author of an innovative symphony. On-site reservation required.

    Through the Wardrobe

    • Rob Eagle
    • 2019

    In this augmented reality installation, the topical discussion on gender roles has been translated into an everyday decision: what to wear? In the intimate setting of a bedroom, four people talk frankly about their self-expression and clothing choices.  On-site reservation required.

    Vast Body 22

    • Vincent Morisset
    • 2018

    This collaborative experiment on movement interprets your behavior and distills this continually changing input into a projection of a body that moves fluidly with yours, yet fluctuates continuously between different bodies and identities.