IDFA Forum Harvest at IDFA 2019

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    This year, 21 films that previously pitched at IDFA Forum made it into the official festival selection, including two titles selected for IDFA DocLab.

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    • Jan Kounen
    • 2019

    What does Greenland sound like at temperatures well below freezing? Electronic musician Molécule went on a journey with his microphone and translated the surroundings into this partly realistic, partly hallucinatory short VR-film.


    • Rachel Leah Jones, Philippe Bellaiche
    • 2019

    Vilified and praised in equal measure, the Israeli human rights lawyer Lea Tsemel has spent the last 50 years fighting against her country’s discriminatory legal system, primarily by defending Palestinians accused of violent acts of resistance.


    • Mo Scarpelli
    • 2019

    Ten-year-old Ethiopian Asalif and his mother were evicted from the plot of land where they grew food, to make way for a new housing development. Now he uses his imagination and ingenuity to find a place for himself in the changing landscape of his country.


    • Alyx Ayn Arumpac
    • 2019

    Since President Duterte took office, the Philippine police have killed tens of thousands of drug addicts. The experiences of a journalist, a coroner, a missionary brother and a street kid show the despair and fear caused by lawless violence.

    A Boarding School

    • Shalahuddin Siregar
    • 2019

    A rare inside look at life in one of the many traditional Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia. At a time of increasing conservatism, the school has a strikingly tolerant attitude towards gender and religion.


    • Alexander Nanau
    • 2019

    In this explosive political thriller, filmmaker Alexander Nanau brilliantly investigates the consequences of a serious fire in the Colectiv nightclub in Bucharest. His tenacious research reveals, bit by bit, the deep-seated corruption that plagues his country.

    A Comedian in a Syrian Tragedy

    • Rami Farah
    • 2019

    Exiled in Paris, one of Syria’s most famous actors, Fares Helou, tries to remain connected to the dream of a free and democratic Syria. For him, it’s a matter of integrity and an existential quest.


    • Alla Kovgan
    • 2019

    This inventive 3D documentary pays tribute to the radical dance innovator Merce Cunningham, who was inextricably linked with composer John Cage in life, love and work.

    Hunting for Hedonia

    • Pernille Rose Grønkjær
    • 2019

    A fascinating look at deep brain stimulation and its history, effects, impact and ethical implications. From Robert Heath’s first controversial experiments in the 1960s and 1970s to modern-day applications.


    • Tonje Hessen Schei
    • 2019

    The use of artificial intelligence has far-reaching consequences, especially in the context of power and social control. With great access to many influential voices on this subject, iHuman explores how AI is changing our lives and our world.

    Love Child

    • Eva Mulvad
    • 2019

    A warmhearted portrait of an Iranian couple and their son who flee the country, filmed over a six-year period. As they struggle to build a new life, both their hardest and happiest moments are brought movingly close.

    Winter Lake

    • Petteri Saario
    • 2019

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    • Ali Eslami, Mamali Shafahi
    • 2019

    Through an archive of online media curated by the online persona nerd_funk, this VR experience in two chapters attempts to get a grip on our omnipresent digital culture and its influence on our physical lives. On-site reservation required.

    One Child Nation

    • Nanfu Wang, Jialing Zhang
    • 2019

    Filmmaker Nanfu Wang was born in the days of China’s one-child policy. This revealing documentary shows the barbaric and deeply tragic consequences of this law. How is it possible that an entire country could resign itself to such inhuman regulations?

    Our Time Machine

    • Yang Sun, S. Leo Chiang
    • 2019

    The Chinese artist Maleonn and his father are working on an autobiographical puppet theater piece. The latter of the two men is suffering from dementia. This account of the complex creative process includes moving vignettes of their personal lives.

    Scheme Birds

    • Ellen Fiske, Ellinor Hallin
    • 2019

    There are few prospects for young people in the Scottish town of Motherwell, which has never recovered from the closure of the steelworks in 1997—the year Gemma was born. In a candid coming-of-age documentary, we see the town through her eyes.

    Smog Town

    • Meng Han
    • 2019

    Langfang is one of the most air-polluted cities. There, the interests of the local environmental protection bureau, which is under political pressure, clash with those of industry. A case study on China’s fight against pollution..

    Sunless Shadows

    • Mehrdad Oskouei
    • 2019

    A picture of life in an Iranian juvenile detention center, where a group of adolescent girls serve their sentence for murdering a male member of their family. Alone with the camera, they reveal their thoughts, feelings and doubts.

    Talking About Trees

    • Suhaib Gasmelbari
    • 2019

    In Sudan, cinema is a thing of the past, but four directors and lifelong friends refuse to accept it. Although film is clearly out of favor with the current regime, the four men remain determined, hopeful and touchingly funny.

    A Tunnel

    • Nino Orjonikidze, Vano Arsenishvili
    • 2019

    As part of the Belt and Road Initiative, a new high-speed train from China is going to pass right through a tiny Georgian mountain village. Farmers see their fields crumbling as Chinese workers drill a tunnel. A surrealist parable about a changing world order.