IDFA Competition for Creative Use of Archive

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    Now in its second year, the IDFA Competition for Creative Use of Archive includes 10 titles from across the festival program. The selected films, which feature archival material, found footage, propaganda films, and everything in between, crack open our shared history to dig up new archaeologies and where we might fit in. Supported by Beeld en Geluid, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

    Selected for the Creative Use of Archive competition

    24h Sunset/Sunrise v2

    • 2020

    Two screens show a live sunrise and sunset taking place at the same time somewhere in the world, using images from unsecured surveillance cameras. A live soundscape underscores the beauty that is accidentally captured by surveillance.

    Before the Dying of the Light

    • Ali Essafi
    • 2020

    This glittering collage of posters, magazine covers, archive footage, jazz music, and cartoons takes you back to the art scene of 1970s Morocco. It was a time of excitement about the future, but was extinguished by repression.


    • Natalia Labaké
    • 2020

    The granddaughter of Argentinian lawyer and politician Juan Labaké makes subtle use of old and new home videos to shed light on the subordinate role of women in politics and society, against the backdrop of the politician’s rise in the 1990s.

    The Foundation Pit

    • Andrey Gryazev
    • 2020

    This hard-hitting, found-footage film shows Russian citizens voicing their concerns and rage about Putin’s rule. Combined in this way, the clips constitute a powerful protest against a government that appears to have forgotten about its citizens.


    • Rithy Panh
    • 2020

    Rithy Panh is unrelenting as we become witnesses to human evil in an overwhelming, three-screen meditation on the mechanisms of violence. These are the same all over the world, and they all cause the same unspeakable pain and distress.


    • Sam Pollard
    • 2020

    A revealing documentary drawing on declassified documents released by the American government and the FBI that uncovers the steps taken by the intelligence service to bug Martin Luther King and discredit him.

    Paris Calligrammes

    • Ulrike Ottinger
    • 2020

    Portrait of the cultural circles director Ulrike Ottinger moved in when she arrived in 1960s Paris as an ambitious young artist from a small German town. Archive material and black-and-white footage captures the atmosphere of a turbulent period.

    Radiograph of a Family

    • Firouzeh Khosrovani
    • 2020

    Director Firouzeh Khosrovani is the daughter of a secular father and a devout Muslim mother, co-existing under one roof in Tehran. The Islamic Revolution took place in their home, affecting every corner of their family life.

    The Sky Is Red

    • Francina Carbonell
    • 2020

    The Santiago prison fire of 2010 left 81 inmates dead. This reconstruction reveals the vulnerability of prisoners when penal institutions are overfull and maladministration and corruption are the order of the day.

    There Will Be No More Night

    • Éléonore Weber
    • 2020

    Helicopter pilots and gunners have to make complex decisions during their nighttime missions in war zones. An intense, topical documentary about the tension between observation and interpretation.

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