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    Familie bestaat uit meer dan alleen bloedbanden. Het zijn heeft betrekking op de hele geschiedenis, op vervlochten levens en gedeelde verhalen, en op een algeheel gevoel van verbintenis. Familiebanden kunnen doordrongen zijn van alle denkbare menselijke gevoelens, van grootste liefde tot de ergste pijn. Deze films laten deze complexiteit zien.

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    A Legacy of Horses

    • Jessica Karlsson, Annika Karlsson
    • 2019

    Horses are part of everyday life in the working-class neighborhood of Ballymun in Dublin. This observational film shows how the love for our four-legged friends passes from father to son.

    A Long Breath

    • Remi Itani
    • 2019

    In a marginalized neighborhood in Tripoli, Lebanon, Ibrahim struggles with unemployment, the daily threat of war and his own demons. As an expectant father, he dreams of a devout Muslim life, but the appeal of pills, alcohol and gambling is strong.

    Adriana’s Pact

    • Lisette Orozco
    • 2017

    The young filmmaker Lisette Orozco wanted to make a portrait of her aunt, but disturbing facts about her past soon start to emerge. Can she trust her own family? A painful search for the truth.

    Andrey Tarkovsky. A Cinema Prayer

    • Andrey A. Tarkovsky
    • 2019

    Who better to get to talk about the life, work and ideas of film director Andrey Tarkovsky than Tarkovsky himself? His son, director Andrey Tarkovsky Jr., uses archive material to compile this film about the master.


    • Jalal Vafaei
    • 2019

    A candid self-portrait of a politically engaged Iranian family, showing how drastically their world has changed. The father was once on the side of the Islamic revolution, but has since become a reformist.

    Becoming Black

    • Ines Johnson-Spain
    • 2019

    As a child, filmmaker Ines Johnson-Spain’s white parents told her that her dark skin color was a mere coincidence and of no importance. As a teenager, she accidentally discovered the truth.


    • Ira A. Goryainova
    • 2019

    An intimate essay on the human body, disease and health. Departing from personal experience, filmmaker Ira A. Goryainova explores how we have looked at ourselves and our illnesses over the centuries.

    Born in Evin

    • Maryam Zaree
    • 2019

    The German actress Maryam Zaree fled the Iranian regime as a small child with her mother. She knows she was born in prison, but nobody ever talks about it. Now she wants to know why.

    Breakfast in Kisumu

    • Rebecca Achieng Ajulu-Bushell
    • 2019

    An intimate conversation between Kenyan academic and activist Rok Ajulu (1950-2016) and his daughter Rebecca, accompanied by impressionistic scenes of the most important places in his life, filmed by his daughter after his death.


    • Ana Vîjdea, Cosmin Nicoara
    • 2019

    With snapshots of household dinners from across cultural backgrounds, economic circumstances and family arrangements, this VR documentary gives us an unseen “place at the table,” where so much of family life plays out. On show in DocLab: Exhibition (free on-site reservation required) and as part of the DocLab VR-Cinema (regular ticket sales).

    For One More Hour with You

    • Alina Marazzi
    • 2002

    Director Alina Marazzi uses home videos and diary excerpts to reconstruct the life of her mother, who committed suicide when she was seven years old. Hazy memories form a testimony to the great absence in her life.


    • Ilya Povolotsky
    • 2019

    A stylishly filmed portrait of a small, idiosyncratic community at the edge of the world. Whether stoical, rebellious or humble, the Russian protagonists determinedly chart their own course.

    Heimat Is a Space in Time

    • Thomas Heise
    • 2019

    A chronicle of Germany through the prism of the director’s own family history. In voice-over, Thomas Heise reads documents from his family’s archive, accompanied by powerful black-and-white images of the “guilty” landscape of his homeland.


    • Ross McClean
    • 2019

    An effective, understated story about the young Ryan, who is in Hydebank Wood Prison just outside Belfast. Within the prison walls, he tends a small flock of sheep and talks about his life.

    I Love You I Miss You I Hope I See You Before I Die

    • Eva Marie Rødbro
    • 2019

    A harsh and dreamy story of a young girl and her longing heart, set in the American West. Through Betty we experience a tight family clan where love and dependency go hand in hand.

    I Owe You a Letter About Brazil

    • Carol Benjamin
    • 2019

    Filmmaker Carol Benjamin’s father spent years in jail during the Brazilian military dictatorship. It drove her grandmother to become a human rights activist. What scars has this era left on their family and country, and why is nobody talking about it?

    In Mansourah, You Separated Us

    • Dorothee Myriam Kellou
    • 2019

    For the first time since the Algerian War of Independence, witnesses talk about the rural resettlement camps, shedding light on an appalling and neglected episode in history. Why have people kept silent for all these years?

    Lady Time

    • Elina Talvensaari
    • 2019

    Filmmaker Elina Talvensaari tries to bring the previous occupant of her home back to life through the possessions she left behind after her lonely death. A fond tribute to an unknown woman who gradually becomes a treasured friend.

    Lost in Memories

    • Ruud Lenssen
    • 2019

    A moving and tender portrait of the parents of filmmaker Ruud Lenssen. His father Jac has vascular dementia, and his mother Ria is struggling in her role as caregiver. As the disease progresses, an inevitable decision draws ever closer.

    Midnight Traveler

    • Hassan Fazili
    • 2019

    Under the threat of being killed by the Taliban, an Afghan family of filmmakers attempts to travel to Europe illegally. They document the dangerous journey with their cell phones.


    • Andrea Testa
    • 2019

    In the privacy of treatment rooms at an Argentine public hospital, teenage girls have to make a decision about the new life growing inside them. Conversations with the professionals caring for them reveal complex lives and fragile dreams of the future.

    No Crying at the Dinner Table

    • Carol Nguyen
    • 2019

    Independently of each other, three members of a Vietnamese-Canadian family talk about their hidden emotions, then listen to the recordings together. Carol Nguyen’ camera breaks down emotional barriers, leading to beautiful, cathartic conclusion.

    No Man’s Land

    • Charlotte Müller
    • 2019

    A serene short film about intentional single motherhood, in which three women on a train trip describe the process and share their thoughts in interior monologue.


    • Molly Stuart
    • 2019

    Like most young adults in Israel, Atalya is required to join the army. She refuses, though, because there’s no way she’s going to participate in the oppression of Palestinians. We watch closely as she grows into a staunch human rights activist.

    Our Time Machine

    • Yang Sun, S. Leo Chiang
    • 2019

    The Chinese artist Maleonn and his father are working on an autobiographical puppet theater piece. The latter of the two men is suffering from dementia. This account of the complex creative process includes moving vignettes of their personal lives.

    San Vittore

    • Yuri Ancarani
    • 2018

    A visual journey into the minds of children visiting their parents at the San Vittore prison in Milan. Their drawings reveal how they experience the prison regime. Some see San Vittore as a castle.


    • Denize Galiao
    • 2019

    Afro-Brazilian filmmaker Denize Galiao is suffering from saudade, a feeling sometimes described as “the sorrow of loss.” In this richly layered film about emigration and identity, she explores and defines the feeling in a variety of ways.


    • Pawel Chorzepa
    • 2019

    In this gripping family drama, 18-year-old Marcin, who’s been living in orphanages since the age of 12, returns to his alcoholic father. He feels caught between love and repulsion for a man who is incapable of being a decent dad.

    Steve Is Undocumented

    • Michael Barth, Kauai Moliterno
    • 2019

    An observational and original reflection on immigration. A white British ex-weightlifter and bouncer at a club in Los Angeles has strong opinions about immigrants, yet he’s also in the country illegally.

    The Euphoria of Being

    • Réka Szabó
    • 2019

    During the making of a dance theater piece, a special friendship develops between director Réka Szabó and her two leads: the young dancer Emese Cuhorka and the elderly writer and activist Éva Fahidi.

    The Inhabited House

    • Diego Kompel
    • 2019

    A loving reflection on the flows of family life over generations, this short VR-film brings the house of the creator’s grandparents, once a site of boisterous family gatherings, momentarily back to life. On show in DocLab: Exhibition (free on-site reservation required) and as part of the DocLab VR-Cinema (regular ticket sales).

    The Ride

    • Esther Polak, Ivar van Bekkum
    • 2019

    A nocturnal car ride to the scene of a calamity. The combination of impersonal Google Earth imagery, sparse dialogue and the sound of a heartbeat is emotionally gripping, while leaving room for the imagination.


    • Kana Ohashi, Daijiro Mizuno
    • 2019

    During her pregnancy, Mie discovers she has stomach cancer; she dies after her son’s first birthday. This poignant cinematic photo album is an account of a tragic “transition” in the lives of a young Japanese family.

    Who Are We?

    • Edgar Hagen
    • 2019

    A compassionate portrait of people growing up with serious disabilities in Switzerland and Germany. What does the type of care these young people receive, and their position in society, tell us about the Western world?


    • Mira Burt-Wintonick
    • 2019

    The daughter of Canadian filmmaker Peter Wintonick, who died in 2013, attempts to complete her father’s final project, Utopia, using a box of videotapes he left to her.