In Tune

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    How does the gesture of a hand or the timbre of a note come to carry so much meaning? In these films, emotion, movement, rhythm, melody, body, and memory come together harmoniously in time and space, expressing through the cinematic medium the beautiful power of music and dance.

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    • Jan Kounen
    • 2019

    What does Greenland sound like at temperatures well below freezing? Electronic musician Molécule went on a journey with his microphone and translated the surroundings into this partly realistic, partly hallucinatory short VR-film.

    -22.7°C. The Full Dome Experience

    • 2019

    What does Greenland sound like at temperatures well below freezing? Musician Molécule went on a journey with his microphone and translated the surroundings into a thrilling electronic music film, which can be experienced once during IDFA as a dome performance in the ARTIS-Planetarium.

    All I Can Say

    • Danny Clinch, Taryn Gould, Colleen Hennessy, Shannon Hoon
    • 2019

    In 1995, Shannon Hoon, lead singer of indie rock band Blind Melon, died of a cocaine overdose. Highly personal and sometimes experimental footage from his vast video archive tells a story about the bright and dark sides of fame.

    The Apollo

    • Roger Ross Williams
    • 2019

    Take a trip back into the turbulent and politically charged history of New York’s legendary Apollo Theater, birthplace and home to so many great African-American performers. With countless interviews and previously unseen footage.

    Beats of the Antonov

    • Hajooj Kuka
    • 2014

    The musical tradition in South Sudan gains new meaning through the Bashir government’s bombings: it keeps the people alive, both in body and in spirit. A musical exploration shedding new light on the Sudanese conflict.


    • Alla Kovgan
    • 2019

    This inventive 3D documentary pays tribute to the radical dance innovator Merce Cunningham, who was inextricably linked with composer John Cage in life, love and work.

    Daybreak Express

    • D.A. Pennebaker
    • 1953

    The morning subway races in the direction of New York, set to Duke Ellington’s music. Owing to the combination of jazz rhythms and shots of sun-drenched skyscrapers this short film could be considered a precursor of the video clip.


    • Audrey Jean-Baptiste
    • 2019

    The queer dancer Lasseindra gives a voguing masterclass in her native French Guiana. Conversations with participants give an impression of the Caribbean macho culture, but during the lessons they show their most feminine side.

    The Forbidden Strings

    • Hasan Noori
    • 2019

    Four young Afghan immigrants in Iran have formed a rock band which has never been allowed to perform. Now they’ve got the chance to play in their homeland, they’re not going to let anything stop them. Moments of joy compete with sobering reality.

    Inna de Yard: The Soul of Jamaica

    • Peter Webber
    • 2018

    A delightful and lively documentary in which the now gray-haired icons of reggae gather in the garden of a magnificent stately home to re-record their old hits—this time as acoustic versions made in collaboration with a new generation.

    Lil’ Buck: Real Swan

    • Louis Wallecan
    • 2019

    A glowing example of the power of dance as a form of expression and social life buoy. Lil’ Buck combines classical ballet with jookin, the hip-hop dance style he grew up with. His version of The Dying Swan became a sensation.

    The Long River Slides

    • Sanne Rovers
    • 2019

    Ferry Heijne, the lead singer of the punk-brass band De Kift, takes his floating studio on a trip down the river to draw inspiration from stories of people who always endure, in spite of their hardships. The music is wistful, energetic and deeply touching.

    Max Richter’s Sleep

    • Natalie Johns
    • 2019

    Taking as its guide an ambitious outdoor performance of Sleep, an eight-hour-long music composition, this film explores the origins and effects of this piece.

    Once Aurora

    • Benjamin Langeland, Stian Servoss
    • 2019

    A dynamic portrait of the Norwegian pop idol Aurora, who was discovered at the age of 16 and has been playing to packed houses all over the world ever since. A film about creative freedom and the price of fame.

    Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and The Band

    • Daniel Roher
    • 2019

    Now 76 years old, Robbie Robertson—guitarist, songwriter and former member of The Band—takes stock of his life and the legendary rock group. A gift for their many fans.

    Pearl of the Desert

    • Pushpendra Singh
    • 2019

    Twelve-year-old Moti grew up with the musical tradition of his Manganiar caste. He becomes the hero of his Indian village when he gets cast in a musical and goes on a world tour. For the talented singer, it’s part of a journey to find where he belongs.


    • Cris Lyra
    • 2019

    A group of young lesbians from São Paulo travel to a remote beach to celebrate New Year’s. From their conversations, a picture of current Brazilian society emerges.

    A Symphony of Noise VR

    • Michaela Pnacekova
    • 2019

    In this VR experience, every sound is potential music, visualized as waves, shapes and colors. The user adds new sounds to the audio palette and becomes the co-author of an innovative symphony. On-site reservation required.

    Travel in G Major

    • Georgi Lazarevski
    • 2006

    Watch for a small fee (not available in the USA): Director Georgi Lazarevski films his grandfather on a trip through Morocco, a journey that this elderly man could only dare to dream of for many years. The change of surroundings gives rise to melancholy thoughts and surprising discoveries.