NTR Avond van de Wolf

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    For more than twenty years the Uur van de Wolf has been programming quirky art documentaries, with attention paid to every conceivable artistic discipline. The three films you'll see during this evening, carefully selected by NTR and IDFA with care, are as diverse as you've come to know from the TV program. After the films there will be conversations with filmmakers led by NTR presenter Co de Kloet.

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    The Long River Slides

    • Sanne Rovers
    • 2019

    Ferry Heijne, the lead singer of the punk-brass band De Kift, takes his floating studio on a trip down the river to draw inspiration from stories of people who always endure, in spite of their hardships. The music is wistful, energetic and deeply touching.

    My Rembrandt

    • Oeke Hoogendijk
    • 2019

    What makes Rembrandt’s paintings technically so extraordinary, and why are different people so deeply affected by his oeuvre, or a specific work? Centuries after his death, his paintings are still a source of drama and gripping plot twists.