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    Based in Vienna and LA, Autlook Filmsales is one of the leading sales agents for feature documentaries and doc series. Since its inception in 2006, Autlook has been building a strong and varied network of partners including digital platforms, theatrical distributors, broadcasters and festivals. Autlook offers a full spectrum of distribution, in-house, customized sales, festival strategies that help maximize revenues, audience engagement that fosters filmmakers’ careers, and an endless passion for the art of documentaries.

    At Docs for Sale 2019, Autlook Filmsales is represented by Salma Abdalla, Stephanie Fuchs, Kathrin Fürnkranz, and Elisabeth Grund.

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    The Art of Museums - Kunsthistorische Museum Vienna

    • Kurt Mayer
    • 2018

    “A breathtaking journey through the museums of this world” -

    Bird Boy

    • Simon Lereng Wilmont
    • 2019

    Twelve-year-old Reshat loves birds, just like his father did. His dad died a year ago, and he really misses him. As he learns to train pigeons, he discovers something even more important.

    The Arctic Camels

    • Karl Emil Rikardsen
    • 2019

    When Torarin and the family move to the small village in northern Norway, he and his sister Svalin want a horse. Instead of a horse, however, the parents buy two Mongolian camels.

    The Disappearance Of My Mother

    • Beniamino Barrese
    • 2019

    Beniamino Barrese aims the camera at his former-supermodel mother — and she ducks — in this discomfitingly invasive documentary portrait.

    Eden Hazard Christian Benteke, Bromance

    • Thomas Bricmont, Pablo Crutzen, Robin Smit
    • 2019

    A celebration of cultural diversity and a moving documentary of a Mr. Everyman who became one of the greatest football icons in the world.

    For Sama

    • Waad al-Kateab, Edward Watts
    • 2019

    The 26-year-old citizen journalist Waad al-Kataeb films her life in besieged Aleppo, Syria. In the form of a letter to her newborn daughter Sama, the film captures the reality of war and an uncertain future.

    Forget Me Not

    • Sun Hee Engelstoft
    • 2019

    Forget Me Not follows three such women who have to decide whether to keep the baby or give it up for adoption in South Korea.


    • Liza Mandelup
    • 2019

    An eye-opening and entertaining impression of influencer culture that reveals the reality behind social media stardom. Austyn is worshiped in the online world. A fortune lies in store for him, as long as he keeps selling his charm.

    Kids On The Silk Road - The Monkey King

    • Kaspar Astrup Schröder
    • 2019

    11-year old Yang from Beijing plays the leading role as the Monkey King at the famous Chinese Opera. Will his classmates ever understand his fascination with the myth of the Monkey King?

    Lessons of Love

    • Małgorzata Goliszewska, Katarzyna Mateja
    • 2019

    Free-spirited Jola, after escaping from an abusive marriage finds herself thrust into a new romance at a latino dancing class. Will she embrace love for the first time in her life at the age of 69?

    Love Child

    • Eva Mulvad
    • 2019

    A warmhearted portrait of an Iranian couple and their son who flee the country, filmed over a six-year period. As they struggle to build a new life, both their hardest and happiest moments are brought movingly close.

    Midnight Family

    • Luke Lorentzen
    • 2019

    There are just 45 public-run ambulances operating in Mexico City. Private ambulances, such as the one run by the Ochoa family, offer a lifeline for this huge metropolis. We closely follow the family over a series of intense, nerve-wracking nights.


    • Fredrik Gertten
    • 2019

    Housing in major cities has become unaffordable for many. Push explores the world of slumlords, property speculators and venture capitalists, and features Leilani Farha, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Housing.

    School of Seduction

    • Alina Rudnitskaya
    • 2019

    “A thoughtful look at Russian culture and the long-term impact on the lives of individual ‘graduates’ of Seduction School and their families”

    What Walaa Wants

    • Christy Garland
    • 2018

    “A classic coming-of-age story with a girl-power message, about a bullheaded Palestinian girl who decides to become a police officer.” Variety

    Where We Belong

    • Jacqueline Zünd
    • 2019

    Five children from different families look back on their parents’ separation and talk in detail about how they experienced it and what it taught them.