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    British expat, filmmaker and cinema-lover Katie Crook runs a series of film nights called Cine Expats - Amsterdam. There she selects and intros recent international films with English subtitles and networking drinks. Katie has carefully selected her top picks of IDFA especially for the expat community. Films are either in English to begin with or in their original language with English subtitles. Enjoy the expats pathway!

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    The Amazing Johnathan Documentary

    • Ben Berman
    • 2019

    The Amazing Johnathan is a famous illusionist who’s both extreme and terminally ill. Not surprisingly, director Ben Berman isn’t the only person interested in filming him. He uses this fact to provide a surprising look behind the scenes of his own documentary.

    Andrey Tarkovsky. A Cinema Prayer

    • Andrey A. Tarkovsky
    • 2019

    Who better to get to talk about the life, work and ideas of film director Andrey Tarkovsky than Tarkovsky himself? His son, director Andrey Tarkovsky Jr., uses archive material to compile this film about the master.

    Europa, “Based on a True Story”

    • Kivu Ruhorahoza
    • 2019

    A hybrid film by the Rwandan director, who’s making a fiction feature set in London about a mysterious Nigerian man, his mixed-race British lover and the lover’s white husband. Increasing social and racial tension form the backdrop.

    For Sama

    • Waad al-Kateab, Edward Watts
    • 2019

    The 26-year-old citizen journalist Waad al-Kateab films her life in besieged Aleppo, Syria. She falls in love, marries, and gives birth to daughter Sama. In the form of a letter to Sama, the film intimately captures the reality of war and an uncertain future.

    The Kingmaker

    • Lauren Greenfield
    • 2019

    There’s great poverty in the Philippines, but the Marcos family is awash with money. Former First Lady Imelda Marcos proudly talks about her patriotism, but the main thing that strikes us is the deep-rooted, inexhaustible corruption.

    I Walk

    • Jørgen Leth
    • 2019

    Filmmaker, sports journalist and poet Jørgen Leth survived an earthquake in Haiti, but since then he has shuffled unsteadily through life. A fascinating personal documentary about dealing with old age when the hunger for life hasn’t been satisfied yet.


    • Maasja Ooms
    • 2019

    An intimate and sincere portrait of problem teenagers who are placed under temporary supervision. The challenging conversations with a counselor are meant to lead to a better life, but their past won’t leave them alone.