Solidarity in times of distancing

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    In a time when “social distancing” is the motto, we are all discovering that "solidarity" should be the word. We need to maintain physical distance from one another now, but we will not overcome this crisis as individuals. We need our open understanding of humanity as a whole. For this reason, we have put together this program of films from our online collection. We invite you to spend a moment thinking about the many forms of distancing that we created before—between peoples, families, nations, and classes—and to make sure we keep our sights on the essence of being human. We are distancing, but we are not alone. Distancing might have been our biggest problem in the first place, and now, we have to fight fire with fire. Please note that some films are available to stream within the Netherlands only.

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    An Insignificant Man

    • Khushboo Ranka, Vinay Shukla
    • 2016

    The spectacular rise of the Common Man’s Party. The party logo, a broom, symbolizes their battle against the political establishment in India.


    • Aleksandra Maciejczyk
    • 2018

    Krysztof goes skiing with his wife in a film that gives heartwarming meaning to the expression “trusting each other blind.”

    Cross Aid Post

    • Maria Mok, Meral Uslu
    • 2007

    The door to the Cross Aid Post, a Christian health clinic located in the heart of Amsterdam's Red Light District, is always open for uninsured people and illegal immigrants.

    The Devil's Lair

    • Riaan Hendricks
    • 2013

    A confronting and intimate cinema verité portrait of the aging South African drug dealer Braaim, who must face a turf dispute with rival gangs and a marital crisis. 


    • Rashid Ghazi
    • 2011

    Ramadan is well underway, and at Fordson High School, where 95% of the students are of Arab origin, the football team is preparing to face off against archrival Dearborn High.

    Heart of Sky - Heart of Earth

    • Frauke Sandig, Eric Black
    • 2011

    Cornered by globalization and greed, six Mayans show how destructive these two Western values are for their ancient ways - and for their health.

    My First Contact

    • Mari Corrêa, Kumaré Ikpeng
    • 2005

    Available in Benelux only: The story of an indigenous community in the Brazilian Amazon who were brought to live in a reservation in the 1960s, narrated through their own accounts

    One Day After Peace

    • Erez Laufer, Miri Laufer
    • 2012

    A moving and instructive quest for reconciliation with the Palestinian killer of her son leads a mother to South Africa, where she speaks with victims and perpetrators in the Apartheid regime who have found reconciliation.

    Please Remember Me

    • Qing Zhao
    • 2015

    An elderly couple in Shanghai gracefully struggles with age, illness and memory loss.

    Poor Us - An Animated History of Poverty

    • Ben Lewis
    • 2012

    A playful animated documentary featuring interviews with experts about why extreme poverty still exists, despite our growing wealth.

    Return to the Border

    • Liang Zhao
    • 2005

    Available in Benelux only: Chinese director returns to the Ya Lu River that separates China from North Korea to see what is left of socialism in the two countries.