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    Today, the truth is elusive. It is obscured by fake news, algorithms, and echo chambers, making the job of journalists more noble and urgent than it’s ever been before. Here, we meet some of the people who see truth-telling as their calling—voices of clarity that rise above the mediated noise. Please note that some films are only available to stream within the Netherlands.

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    Checks and Balances

    • Malek Bensmaïl
    • 2015

      A nice observation of daily life in an Algerian newsroom, where the country’s political reality is conveyed with talent, intellect and humor.

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      The Journalist

      • Leiv Igor Devold
      • 2004

        Portrait of Andrzej Krzysztof Wróblewski, a political journalist whose active lived altered after the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.

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        • Aleh Dashkevich
        • 2008

          Available in Benelux only: Journalists follows several Belarusian journalists in their brave efforts to exercise their profession under the rule of president Lukashenko. A tough job, as a critical comment can easily be stamped an insult of the head of state, that is, "treason."

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          Main Street USA

          • Jon Alpert
          • 2004

            Available in the Netherlands only: A New York-based TV station traverses America with footage of 9/11 and asks average townspeople for their opinion about the war in Iraq and the economic situation in their country.

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            Diário de Naná

            • Paschoal Samora
            • 2006

              Brazilian singer and percussionist Naná Vasconcelos goes to Bahía to search for the spiritual and ethnic soul of his music.

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              • Piotr W. Bernas
              • 2011

                On the hunt with a member of the Polish paparazzi, smoking as he scours the streets for privacy-violating photo opportunities and provides insight into his professional and personal life.

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                Personal Truth

                • Charlie Shackleton
                • 2017

                  A short, essayistic film about the powerful influence of fake news. Just how convincing are conspiracy theories?

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                  Télé guerre

                  • Luc Youlouka Damiba, Abdoulaye Diallo, Gideon Vink
                  • 2006

                    Available in Benelux only: A journalistic portrait of the civil war in Ivory Coast and the role of Télévision Notre Patrie, the rebels' TV station in the northern part of the country.

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                    Frame 394

                    • Rich Williamson
                    • 2016

                      A young Canadian man entangles himself in one of the most high-profile police shootings in the U.S., when he posts his own 3-D analysis of the event on the Internet.

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                      Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer

                      • Alex Gibney
                      • 2010

                        How the ambitious and charismatic Governor of New York State, Eliot Spitzer, saw his political career implode thanks to his penchant for prostitutes.

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