Secluded, but shortly

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    In such strange times, loneliness seems to be the scariest. For many of us, staying home was a cozy dream we had when our workload got too crazy. Now, we have to think, "be careful what you wish for!". The protagonists of these films had various reasons to stay at home—some forced, some by choice—but anyway, life went on. We hope they help us all relax and share moments with them, laugh and cry with them, and think with them. The films in this program are all short or medium length. Not only because we love short form documentary works. We also want to plant a new wish: that this collective experience ends soon.

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    Dear Araucaria

    • Matt Houghton
    • 2015

    John Graham created cryptic crosswords for The Guardian for over 50 years. During his terminal illness, he used the puzzles to communicate with his fans.

    How to Make a Pearl

    • Jason Hanasik
    • 2017

    Because of his allergy to light, John Kapellas has lived for 10 years in the dark. To cope with the trauma, he has found a creative outlet. 

    The Box

    • Eva Stefani
    • 2004

    The relationship an elderly woman has with her television.


    • Rishi Chandna
    • 2018

    A documentary comedy in which a pet rooster turns the domestic life of a family living in a small Mumbai apartment upside down.

    Addicted to Solitude

    • Jon Bang Carlsen
    • 1999

    Very personal travelogue about South Africa in the post-apartheid years.

    In the Dark

    • Sergei Dvortsevoy
    • 2004

    Available in Benelux only: Old, blind man, fills his days in post communist Russia manufacturing string bags and talking to his cat.

    Retiro Shelter

    • Jorge Leandro Colás
    • 2008

    Available in Benelux only: This observational film documents nocturnal life in Parador Retiro, a shelter for the homeless in Buenos Aires.

    The Chirola

    • Diego Mondaca
    • 2008

    During his incarceration, a former convict gained new insight into the concept of freedom and chooses the simplicity of a life in seclusion over a complete return to society.


    • Gregorio Graziosi
    • 2008

    Poetic close-ups of an old man, whose solitary life is captured in tightly framed shots.


    • Victor Kossakovsky
    • 2005

    Available in Benelux only: Victor Kossakovsky’s two-year-old son Svyato sees his own reflection for the first time.


    • Xavier Marrades
    • 2016

    An atmospheric short film about a lonely truck driver who finds a new life companion in the form of a white dove.