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    On May 4, we commemorate the victims of World War II in the Netherlands, while on May 5 we traditionally celebrate the end of the war and the liberation from the occupiers in May 1945. To mark this occasion, IDFA presents eleven documentary films about the war, both personal stories of how the war affected people’s lives and stories that shed light on the war on a more global scale.

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    900 Days

    • Jessica Gorter
    • 2011

      Watch for a small fee: Survivors of the Siege of Leningrad (September 1941-January 1944) matter-of-factly separate the propagandistic myth from their horrific personal memories.

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      The Baby

      • Deborah van Dam
      • 2012

        Watch for a small fee (available in the Netherlands only): A heartrending reconstruction of the time spent in hiding by Jewish baby Anneke Kohnke (b. 1940), who now lives in New York.

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        Every Face Has a Name

        • Magnus Gertten
        • 2015

          Watch for a small fee (not available in some regions): A poignant story about some of the thousands of refugees who arrived in Sweden after being freed from concentration camps. 

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          Joe's Violin

          • Kahane Cooperman
          • 2016

            A Holocaust survivor donates his violin to a girl from a destitute neighborhood in New York, and the instrument offers her a new opportunity in life.

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            Night Will Fall

            • Andre Singer
            • 2014

              Watch for a small fee (available in the Netherlands only): A powerful reconstruction of the creation of a documentary about the German concentration camps. Edited by Hitchcock, the film was never shown.

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              Shalom Italia

              • Tamar Tal Anati
              • 2016

                Watch for a small fee (not available in Israel): Seventy years later, three Jewish-Italian brothers meet to search in a Tuscan forest for the cave where they and their parents hid during World War II.

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                Vita activa, the Spirit of Hannah Arendt

                • Ada Ushpiz
                • 2015

                  Watch for a small fee (not available in all regions): The theories of Hannah Arendt (1906-1975) about the totalitarian state and the banality of evil are more relevant than ever before.

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